Phrases the Corporate Media and Politicians Like to Use and Their Real Meaning

Some of the phrases US corporate politicians and media use and their real meaning:

Big government: We spend too much on social programs for the poor

Fiscal responsibility: cutting spending on social programs for the poor is the responsible thing to do

Fiscal cliff: We have to cut spending on social programs for the poor or else we’re all doomed

Shared sacrifice: Working people must make additional sacrifices

Balanced approach to budget deficit: we will cut spending on the poor and raise taxes on working people

War on terror: We must go to endless wars for empire

Homeland Security: We will read your text messages, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and listen in on your phone conversations and do warrantless wiretapping and surveillance

National security: the overseas interests of our corporations

American exceptionalism: We are exceptionally positioned and equipped to loot the world for our corporations

This is the best country in the world: we want your support for our colonial wars of conquest

God Bless America: we want you to feel proud of your country and ignore the injustices

In our national interest: it’s in the interests of our large corporations and their billionaire owners

Free enterprise: corporations should be free to do as they please

Leader of the free world: leader of imperialist gangsters of the world

Constructive engagement: we will support brutal dictatorships for our corporate interests

The president of that country must go: we have sent arms and money to the opposition and are trying to overthrow the president

Israel has the right to defend itself: We are going to increase our aid to Israel

We believe in peaceful negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians: we will continue to hold the occupied people of Palestine hostage to endless and pointless negotiations while Israel continues its ethnic cleansing, targeted killings, home demolitions and building of new settlements.


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