Obama Speech To Young Black Men


Black America, an America so different from White America that it might as well be in another continent, votes overwhelmingly for the first black president, who gets inaugurated in front of thousands of his teary eyed supporters, moves into the White House and is never seen again by them, for over 5 years. Could it be his “blackness” faded away and disappeared among all the white billionaire bankers and CEO’s he mingled with? I don’t know. Maybe. But, let’s not expect too much of the man. He had a massive and global surveillance program to lead, people to pick from his “kill list” to assassinate, a drone program to run in several countries, wars to start, lawsuits to file on behalf of Monsanto and a new Transpacific Partnership “free trade” agreement to negotiate for corporations so participating nations won’t be able to ban importing of genetically modified food from the US or to develop their own cheap drugs for their patients. And if all that wasn’t enough, he also had to punish leakers, cut food stamps for the poor and give tax cuts to the rich.

But, don’t think he forgot about the millions of poor and minorities who voted for him. He really did all that for them, even though it may not look like it when the official – official -unemployment rate among young black men is 38% – not counting those who are beaten and incarcerated or shot and killed – and poverty is at a 50 year high, among those teary eyed people. So, maybe those tears didn’t mean what we all thought, after all.

But, no worries. Obama has not forgotten about his people. He brought some young black men to the White House and generously offered them his best and heartfelt advice, with Al Sharpton and Bill O’Reilly in attendance. He told them he, too, did bad things when he was their age, but look where he is now. He told them to stay in school, and not get involved with crime, so they won’t end up in jail. That’s right. That’s the problem, according to Obama: wrong family upbringing, lack of parental supervision and wrong choices. Policy and priorities had nothing to do with it. Bill O’Reilly must have been nodding his head. And as for Reverend Sharpton, he will nod his head at Obama no matter what he says.


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2 responses to “Obama Speech To Young Black Men”

  1. tombreyfogle says :

    The NSA surveillance program was started and enlarged by his predecessor, George W Bush.

  2. Sako Sefiani says :

    Obama continued it and in spite of his pledge for transparency he didn’t reveal or limit it until he was caught .

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