A New US Engineered Coup

While we’ve been worrying about climate change, radiation from Damaged Japanese nuclear reactors and chemicals seeping into drinking water by oil and gas companies, the world just became a more dangerous place. First, we heard the opposition that battles the government in Ukraine, has neofascist and Nazi elements within its ranks, including in the leadership. Then, we hear the US has been involved in planning a coup with the opposition (did we really need to be told that?), even as they knew about the fascists! McCain and others travel to Ukraine to lend their support to the opposition, and the US media continues and escalates its relentless propaganda against Russia and its president, Putin. And, then, as the government in Kiev seems to be falling, one of the “rebel” leaders does what the US was hoping he wouldn’t: he gives a speech threatening the Jews and then a rabbi in Kiev tells Jews to flee the town and even the country. Replace the neofascists in Ukraine with Al Qaeda in Syria – both part of the opposition to their respective governments and both tolerated by, though embarrassment to, the US – and the similarity is striking in ways and means, though fortunately for the people of Ukraine, not nearly close in the level of devastation and deaths. As the US plays offense, now over Ukraine, and Russia, defense, another nation suffers. As Russia loses its sphere of influence, if not control, to a relentless march forward of world imperialism headed by the US, it knows, eventually, its turn will come, too. So, for now, it’s trying to slow that March and partially challenging US hegemony, from Syria to Ukraine.

So, why are the US, and in a lesser degree its European allies who follow its lead, going head to head against Russia? Why is the US going to such lengths to try and destabilize and overthrow such governments as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and if I may mention their next target Iran? (Not to mention Venezuela where leaked documents have linked the US – who else? – to recent protests). What are they after? The answer ultimately, though not always in the immediate, is economics, which for capitalist countries in their later imperialist stage of development, means profits for their corporations, which drive all the policies, anywhere and anyhow. Capital and profits must grow. Therefore, they always are looking for new markets, new cheap labor and new source of cheap resources. But, acquiring them and ensuring stable and unhindered flow of profits requires exerting control over the politics, economics, military and diplomacy of a given nation, in order to impose their economic and political policies. If an intervention isn’t for immediate economic gains, it’s for advancing their hegemony for maximum global control. Weaker nations are thus made to choose allegiance to the Empire or face its wrath. Neofascist and terrorist elements are a nuisance, but tolerable in the big picture.

It is this relentless pursuit of profits that not only impoverishes the vast majority of the world’s population, including many within the Empire, and gradually, taking back Europeans’ gains of the past, but also keeps pushing the world towards war.

But, why wouldn’t the population of the Empire rise up against all this? Why would the Empire not brainwash them so they wouldn’t?


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2 responses to “A New US Engineered Coup”

  1. tombreyfogle says :

    Putin also had his hands in Ukraine politics. The government in Ukraine was being influenced by the Russians.

    • Sako Sefiani says :

      Yes tombreyfogle, it is true that Russia was also influencing the politics in Ukraine, but in my humble opinion, they’re in a position of playing defense, to keep their neighbors from becoming military bases for the US which is basically trying to surround it for a long term confrontation, as dangerous as that would be. US meddling is provocative and aggressive, and in last analysis, not for the good of the people of Ukraine, but for its corporate interests and profits.

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