Ukraine : A Stepping Stone Towards A More Complete Global Domination

Ukraine, which has a long border with Russia, is seen by the US and its allies, not only as a nation to sell their products to and have their bankers and other corporations make profit, but also as a pawn in the long term strategy of offense against Russia, which is itself not viewed as a competitor, as Europe or Japan might be to US, as they all compete for market share and trade advantage, but as a strategic adversary to try to weaken and eventually make subservient to their agenda for global domination for profits. That’s also the reason why the US empire kept insisting on placing missile shield in Poland and Romania facing Russia to eliminate its ability to strike back, in the event of a US first strike which in their calculation might eventually come. For Russia, on the other hand, Ukraine is an important piece of their defense against advancing US imperialism at their borders, imperialism which has already won over some nations such as Georgia and Azerbaijan and is eyeing others. The “Orange Revolution” which brought a pro-US government to power in Kiev, a few years ago, was a big setback to Russia and a strategic victory for US and its European allies.

A membership in European Union which the protesters want for Ukraine and especially one in NATO that could come later, would secure that victory for the West, a victory that was cast in doubt when the pro-West government was discredited and replaced. The current president, Viktor Yanukovych ditched an offer by the European Union for an International Monetary Fund. (IMF) loan and instead took Russia’s offer which included lowering the price of gas it imports from Russia by a third which Ukraine relies on, in addition to Russia’s purchase of $17 billion of Ukraine’s government bond, in order to avoid defaulting on its loans and going bankrupt, as was predicted to take place next year.

Protesters are angry at the government for ditching the EU offer for Russia’s which means distancing from European imperialism for a closer ties with Russia. Not to defend Russia or to imply that theirs is out of the kindness of their hearts, but, closer relations to European and US imperialism will not be any better and can in fact mean worsening of conditions and more impoverishment of Ukrainian people. Though it may be hard to side with Russia, it’s even harder to side with US and European Union, if our concern is for the people of Ukraine.


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