Obama Perfects The Art Of Hypocrisy

If the deaths and injuries taking place in Ukraine are sad to watch and hear about, watching and hearing the US, and specifically, the Obama Administration’s reaction to the protests is so outrageous that it’s amusing, if also boringly predictable. It’s become like lame Hollywood movies where you can predict the ending, hardly five minutes into the film, except that they’re not nearly as amusing as Obama’s world famous hypocrisy, which he acts out impeccably. Only he can look genuine and without the slightest sign of shame, as he reads his lines, handed to him by his corporate billionaire bosses. I’ve become convinced he didn’t go to law school. He must have gone to an acting school.

His Administration keeps protesting and lamenting the harsh reaction of the police against protesters who are lobbing cocktail molotov at the police, with some even shooting live ammunition at them killing some. They’ve occupied the city hall and have taken some police officers hostage. Would Obama call on the police in US cities to refrain from harsh reactions were such violent protests to break out in US cities? Would he, if such violent protests were to take place in countries with “friendly” (read: subservient) governments, such as in Turkey? The Occupy Wall Street protesters committed none of such violent and bold actions, and still, the Homeland Security was coordinating with police departments and working with the NSA, through and with consultations at the White House, and even with consultations with the military how best to clamp down on the protests. There was even CIA participation in New York (all these were reported by some reputable news agencies). US police beat, pepper sprayed and arrested many demonstrators who were completely peaceful. Likewise, when protests broke out in Turkey, last year, or more recently in Thailand, the US didn’t admonish the police to exercise restraint. As I’ve written in previous pieces, the US police departments, such as LAPD, NYPD and CPD have at times sent their forces to other countries to train the police to better crack down on their protesters.

In Bahrain where a mass movement began protesting against the dictatorship, the Administration began sending arms, tear gas and police equipment to help crush the movement that was for justice and equality. Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the US, even took it upon itself to send troops to crush the movement there! The King’s police were not only shooting and killing demonstrators, but, were also shooting at ambulances that were carrying the wounded. They were even raiding hospitals and beating and arresting nurses and doctors who were treating the wounded. Did Obama or anyone from his Administration complain about any of that? They also supported the Yemeni Kingdom against their protesters where, unlike in Ukraine, millions would pour into the streets and squares. One photo taken from the space showed the immensity of those protests and how widespread they were. Still, no word of support for the people from the Administration. Obama’s Vice President, Jo Biden, even demanded that the Kiev police pull back from the positions of the protesters who have occupied buildings and have been firing at the police (who gave them their weapons and why didn’t the Bahraini or Yemeni people get those weapons? I can’t help but wonder, since the CIA has been there in force during the last few years).

And, all this pales in comparison with the treatment that the Palestinian people have been getting everyday, for the last 65 years, not from a police force which, after all, doesn’t use heavy weapons, tanks and fighter jets, but, a brutal occupying army, armed with the most sophisticated and deadly weapons of the superpower. Knot only does Obama not shed any crocodile tears for them, after every Israeli bombing campaign that kills hundreds of people, he increases the military aid.


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