As Ukraine Protests Turn Deadly, US Issues Warnings


As the protests in Kiev, Ukraine, turn violent and deadly and begin to look more like a civil war, bringing to mind all past CIA-instigated protests against “unfriendly” governments staged to destabilize and overthrow them, three things stand out:

1. President Obama, as usual, had to, just had to, remind us of his unbelievable hypocrisy. Look, I understand he, as the leader – or CEO, if you will – of the US corporate empire, has to express condemnation against and issue warnings to any government that the US does not approve of, when that government faces protests, including even violent protests in which the police are shot at and killed and government buildings are set on fire or occupied by protesters, actions that would certainly be dealt with much more severely and brutally, were they to be committed in the US. I get that glaring double standard. But, what I don’t understand is how he can keep a straight face when he warns such “unfriendly” governments against crackdowns, while his administration has been, not quiet, mind you, but actively aiding and supporting with shipment of arms, ammunition, tear gas and police gear, the harsh and brutal crackdown on Bahrain protesters, where an uprising against the dictatorship and for social justice has been raging for 3 years. Or those by defenseless Palestinians who protest against demolition of their homes and imprisoning, torturing and killing their youth and conducting bombing raids on defenseless and heavily populated Gaza. He does have something to say there: he says: “Israel has the right to defend itself”. That’s his “warning” against “use of excessive force”, when it comes to Israel. After the last bombing campaign on Gaza, Israel received guarantees for more arms and sophisticated weapons from the US, as if as a reward! And, in Yemen, not only his administration, or shall I say the US military industrial complex led by him, has been aiding and supporting the regime’s crackdown on pro-democracy movement, he’s been sending drones to attack people in the name of fighting Al Qaeda, the same Al Qaeda, by the way, that the US has been cooperating with in fighting another “unfriendly” government, namely Syria. And, he still has the gull to issue a warning to Kiev against using excessive force. Truly, one of the job requirements for US presidency must be to not show any signs of shame. That takes talent, and Obama takes the gold, hands down.

Vice President Jo Biden demanded that the police withdraw from protesters’ positions and occupied government buildings! Withdraw! Just as US police would withdraw and let Occupy Wall Street protesters occupy whatever streets and squares and buildings they wanted and where they could keep police officers as hostage, as the Ukraine protesters are doing. Yes, sure. And, of course, the FBI never even made a move on Civil Rights movement protesters! No, of course not! And, of course, we all saw how the police in most US cities quietly withdrew from Occupy protesters’ positions and let them do as they pleased! Obama warned the government to refrain from using its military to stop the protests, just as it would never occur to US policy makers to use their military to stop a movement that would challenge their corporate rule. Of course not!

2. I don’t know all the details of the deal between President Viktor Yanukovych and Putin, but, according to reports, he accepted Russia’s offer to help avoid a looming default, in leu of a deal with the European Union (EU) which would have been implemented through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and involve austerity measures in order to pay back the loans with interest, making European bankers richer, as has been done to other nations. When, such loans can’t be paid back, creditor nations, or rather their banks, end up taking real assets of the debtor nation, exasperating the situation. This isn’t speculation. It’s been done to others before.

This is what BBC quoted Prime Minister Mykola Azarov saying: “the deal with Moscow saved the country from bankruptcy. Russia has agreed to buy $15bn (11bn euros) of government bonds and slash the price of gas by about a third”. “There was no way Ukraine could have signed the EU agreement as Kiev would have had to accept unfeasibly stringent IMF conditions for economic reform, he added.
Ukraine urgently needs to cover an external funding gap of up to $17bn next year to avoid defaulting on its debts. The country relies on imports of Russian gas and some 75% of Ukraine’s engineering exports go to Russia”.

Now, I’m not saying the deal with Russia will not come with any strings attached or that Russia does not have any ulterior motives from making the generous offer, but, it probably won’t be any worse than the one offered by European imperialism. The opposition complains that ditching the deal with EU for the one with Russia will make them dependent on Russia. Ironically, independence is the last thing you get to keep in a deal with EU. The opposition wants closer ties with EU, including membership in the Union. But, that won’t make them independent or equal to German, French or British imperialists. Far from it. Just ask Greece, Ireland, Portugal Spain and Italy. The opposition has reportedly said they’re not rushing to enter NATO, but, wouldn’t that be next? And who can blame Russia for not wanting to see its neighbors, with whom it has long borders, join a military organization that acts as the rabid attack dog of Western imperialism that keeps attacking and toppling governments?

3. Whatever your position on these protests, which I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA had a role in, one thing that’s irrefutable is that governments everywhere are vulnerable to the protests of a determined people and can and often do fall if protests continue and manage to stop business as usual. Sustained and determined protests can dismantle Congress, send judges of the Supreme Court home for good, force the president to resign, and make billionaires leave what they have and run for the border. Are you paying attention American people?


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