Worst President Ever ?

I hear, from time to time, people musing over who the worst US president of all time was. In his MSNBC show tonight, Chris Hays, understandably, mentioned Andrew Jackson, who was responsible for killing tens of thousands of Indians. One of his guests also mentioned George W. Bush, who started two wars that killed hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, Iraqis and thousands of US soldiers.

Now, I wouldn’t disagree with how vile and evil Andrew Jackson was. Nor with the nomination of George W. Bush for the title who caused the death of even more innocent people than Jackson, but to me, someone who not only continues the wars Bush started, but triples the number of troops in Afghanistan, and dramatically escalates drone attacks that end up killing hundreds of children (though, I do concede that those children aren’t that innocent, after all, because seeing their parents and relatives massacred, could grow up to attack the US, themselves), and passes draconian laws that curtail civil liberties, plus increasing aid to apartheid Israel and attacking Libya and continuing to keep prisoners in Guantanamo and imprisoning whistle blowers such as Private Manning, and much more, is no better, and is probably even worse than Bush and Jackson. So, yes, my liberal friends, I do consider Obama a very good candidate indeed for the “worst president ever” title.

Remember, at the time Andrew Jackson was shamelessly and savagely massacring Indians, they, too, were considered barbaric, brutal and uncivilized terrorists who had no regard for life, especially the valuable lives of “civilized” white Christian people of European descent, even though it was the latter who were massacring the natives, invading and taking over their lands and impoverishing them. It’s only now, after a couple hundred years that we can look back and say how vile and evil of Jackson and those white people who condoned his actions. Oppressed people have a bad habit of fighting back against oppression and colonialism, and not always in the most “civilized” and fair way that we might approve of. Might not the future generations view current US presidents in similar light?


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