The Dunn Trial Verdict Exposes A Deep Rooted Racism

I don’t know about you, but for me, the lesson from the trial of Michael Dunn, who shot and killed Jordan Davis, an unarmed 17 year old black teenager, on November 23 of 2012, in Jacksonville, Florida, and the jury failed to convict him on second degree murder charge, is that all black teenaged boys should get armed. If they’re deemed so dangerous and scary that armed white men kill them and claim self defense because they feared for their lives and (mostly) white juries agree and acquit them (Zimmerman and now Dunn), then they might as well make that fear more founded in reality. What made justice partially and indirectly served in this case is that Mr. Dunn was found guilty of three counts of attempted second degree murder for shooting at Jordan’s three friends who were with him in the SUV which Mr. Dunn shot ten rounds at, three of them while they were fleeing from him. In other words, if it weren’t for his three friends, that is, if Jordan were alone, his killer would have walked scot-free as Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, did because he only shot at Trayvon.

Mr Dunn told the kids to turn down the music they were playing in their SUV which was parked next to his, which he didn’t like (he called it “rap crap”) and when Jordan talked back to him, he took a gun out of his glove compartment, opened his car door and shot ten bullets at the SUV full of unarmed teenagers enjoying their music. Three of those bullets were direct hit at Jordan, who was his intended target, ending his life. How is that self-defense?

The failure of ten white jurors (only two jurors were black) to see that this had nothing to do with self-defense, isn’t just an error in judgement. Nor is it just an indictment of the deep rooted racism still persisting across the land and rotting the foundations of the system, but an embarrassing and shameful indictment of the US criminal justice system, a justice system that’s sitting on a cesspool of racism and pretending it doesn’t see, hear or smell its suffocating stench, a justice system so entrenched with racism that you’d have to be a hateful racist yourself to deny its existence, and there are plenty in the system who do just that, from judges to prosecutors to jurors, alike. The judge in the trial of George Zimmerman didn’t even allow the argument that race was a factor in the killing, and the prosecutors agreed with her! I’m sure of it were the other way around and Trayvon took out a gun and killed Zimmerman, the outcome would have been the same. Sure!

What this verdict basically says is that Mr. Dunn was justified in fearing for his life and shooting and killing Jordan, even though he was the aggressor and the assailant, and did nothing people in fear do, such as ducking, running or avoiding confrontation. On the contrary, he was the one who got angry at the loud music and even angrier when they didn’t comply with his order to turn it down and especially when Jordan told him off. None of his behavior, from start to the end, when he continued to shoot even while the boys were fleeing from him, resembled self-defense. Yet, the white jurors agreed it was. Why? Because these white jurors know that there is nothing scarier or more menacing than black teenagers! In fact, they’re so scary that even when they’re unarmed, white men with guns fear them and shoot them before they could be killed themselves – I suppose by their bare hands. Shawn Hannity expressed that well when he asked Zimmerman on his Fox News show after he killed Trayvon if he would be there had he not killed Trayvon, implying of course, that if he didn’t kill Trayvon, Trayvon would have killed him, even though he was armed and Trayvon wasn’t.

And, maybe that’s the problem: maybe Trayvon’s and Jordan’s parents should have armed their teenagers. When white jurors give free pass to white men to kill black teenagers and claim self-defense, it’s time for more drastic measures.


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