About a week ago, the CEO of Bayer said in relation to the company’s lawsuit against an Indian pharmaceutical company that develops cancer fighting drugs that do for patients the same as Bayer’s, but at 97% discount, making it affordable to many who couldn’t otherwise afford the tens of thousands of dollars they cost: “We don’t produce these drugs for Indians. We make them for patients of Western countries who can afford them”.

I wish more CEO’s would be as clear and straightforward as he. I like clarity and straightforwardness. I wish bankers would make their billions of dollars of “profit” through more clear, visible and less confusing methods, such as sending men with guns to our homes to put a gun on our heads and take our money. Same also with insurance companies.

I’d rather have a president and Congress representative who’d stand up and say: look, these giant companies that I defend and look out for, helped me get elected. Without them I wouldn’t be here. So, stop whining because I’m going to continue to serve those who got me where I am and continue to keep me in office.

I wish judges would tell us clearly and honestly not to expect fair and honest trials, that the justice system will not treat everyone equally, regardless of how wealthy or poor or of what race they are or whether they serve the rich or not.

I wish they’d level with us that elections will only allow victory for one of the two corporate sponsored parties who serve the rich, that news media cannot be impartial and unbiased, that a policeman killing a homeless or a young man of minority background will not get the same treatment or punishment by the criminal justice system as members of working class and especially those of non-white backgrounds.

I wish they’d honestly say: “look we don’t care about the environment. We want our profits. Yes, you’re right: GMO’s and the chemicals we put in your food are bad for you; in fact, they can kill you. But, again, we do it because it’s profitable for us and don’t look at your politicians to change things for you. They work for us. And about the NSA surveillance? Deal with it. We do it to make sure you won’t start an uprising and a movement and threaten our rule. And, yes we do go to wars using your sons and daughters and brothers and sisters to fight for our overseas interests and empire. Sorry, we don’t work on the basis of ethics or morality. We know only money and profit and power, and we have the force to make you accept our rule. So, shut up and stop whining about income inequality or that you’re poor or that your kids are hungry. We’re not here to take care of you. Don’t be so Goddamn naive”.

I’d like that a lot better.


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