Of White Men and Black Teenagers

If you’re a white man and see a black teenager in a hoody, you can assume he’s “up to no good”, follow him and if he gets agitated and reacts belligerently, you can shoot him and claim self-defense, and even though the teenager you killed was unarmed, a white jury (all white except one who was “persuaded”) will acquit you, on the grounds that the murder was in self-defense. You see, black folks don’t get how menacing the sight of a black teenaged boy is. If they did, they too would acquit. I’m of course talking about the case of George Zimmerman who shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin and was acquitted. The court didn’t even allow the argument that race had anything to do with it. Of course, not. If Zimmerman had seen a 17 year old white boy, he’d still assume he’s “up to no good” and follow him and call him racial epithets and kill him. And, if Trayvon did to Zimmerman what he did to Trayvon, the almost all white jury would find Trayvon not guilty too! Of course!

And, if you’re a white man and see the SUV next to you full of black teenagers (4 to be exact), enjoying their “rap crap” music, and you tell them to turn it down and one of them talks back at you (don’t you just hate it when a black teenager gets belligerent. You just want to kill him), you can take out your pistol, open your car door and shoot at him 10 times, killing him – 3 of of them while the SUV they’re in is fleeing from you – and claim self defense. This, of course, is another white man, Michael Dunn, killing another unarmed 17 year old black teenager, Jordan Davis, in Jacksonville, Florida, on November 23, 2012.

You see, teenage belligerence and talk back is understandable unless they’re black. That changes everything. That makes it dangerous and a matter of life and death. As Shawn Hannity asked George Zimmerman on his Fox News show, after he shot and killed Trayvon, “would you be here if you didn’t do it?”, meaning: if you didn’t kill Trayvon, Trayvon would have killed you. That’s how dangerous black teenagers are: they can kill you even when you have a gun and they don’t!

I was under the impression that if you fear for your life, thinking the guy has a gun and might shoot you, you duck or get away, or at least wait to see if he indeed has a gun before you shoot and kill “in self defense”, not open your car door and shoot 10 rounds and continue shooting even while the SUV is fleeing from you. I thought fearing for your life ends when those you feared so much are running away from you. But, what do I know? So many other things seem strange to me, too!

The jury in this case, which has only two black women, has yet to reach a verdict after two full days of deliberations, only to come back and ask the judge if they could consider a lessor or a different charge than first degree murder, to which the judge answered “yes”.

Strangely enough, in such cases, district attorneys usually also charge the defendant with attempted murder, as they did in this case. Imagine that. Given the logic that he can be found guilty on one charge, but not on another, he can be charged with attempted murder, but not murder, even though he succeeded in his “attempt”, or murder, but not attempted murder, even though he had to “attempt”, before he could murder!


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