Democrats: The Lesser Evil or The More Effective Evil?

When I state my categorical rejection of the Democrats and the Democratic Party, some friends interpret that as my unwillingness to accept less because I can’t get more, or in other words, because I’m a purist and don’t believe in compromise or in taking small incremental steps towards progress. But, what the Democrats represent is not “less” of anything good, or towards progress, at all. They implement the policies of the largest corporations and prop up their oligarchy and monopoly over politics and policy. They implement policies that benefit the wealthiest, the very top 1% and even 1/10th of 1%, including their wars, militarism and empire building. What’s less evil about that? What would be more evil?

There’s no gripe by the top 1% over the policies or priorities of the Democrats. They’re just fine with what they see and get from them. So much so, in fact, that the Republicans now don’t have any major economic or policy differences and are now only pushing reactionary cultural and social issues that the largest corporations and their investors and CEO’s don’t even care about and want nothing to do with. Coca-Cola, as shown in its famous pro-diversity and simultaneously nationalistic Super Bowl advertisement, has no interest in Sara Palin’s xenophobia or Rush Limbaugh’s misogyny or Fox News’ mission to save Christmas or the Tea Party’s fear that whites aren’t going to be the majority anymore. They want everyone’s consumption of their product (and so do the drug companies waiting to sell diabetics drugs to those who do), including blacks’ and browns and Asians. And so does Exxon-Mobile and JP Morgan Chase and Monsanto, and others. They want no part of the cultural wars, but, they do benefit from them because such issues are distractions from the real economic issues that they do care about. They’re fine with one party trying to set back the clock on social issues such as women’s, minorities and gays’ rights, and the other playing the role of people’s saviors, leading them on into the wolves’ den.

The Republicans and their Tea Party variety are easier to deal with than the Democrats because they’re easier to expose, discredit and move past, leaving them behind, as they scream and stomp their feet and site verses from the Bible and threaten us with God’s fury for committing the sin called progress and tolerance. They’re like the strange looking fellow who shows up at every public event, from Chinese New Year celebration to “walk for cancer research”, with a huge sign that says “Trust Jesus” or “You’re all going to hell” (for celebrating Chinese New Year?). Crazies of “the stupid party”, don’t need much exposing. All you have to do is let them talk. And talk they will do, from “legitimate rapes” to “women’s libido” to the need to make the unemployed pay taxes! (Seriously!)

The Democrats, sometimes, go even further in anti-poor policies than the Republicans, thanks to the acquiescence of a public who’s given them their trust to make good on delivered promises. They often do what Republicans wanted to do, but lacked the political will or were too afraid of people’s reaction to do, such as cutting social safety nets. And, when the Republicans take over, we see that they’re not any scarier or more heartless than the “lesser evil” Democrats, after all. We see that with Democrats or Republicans, it’s all the same policies, with incredible continuity. We see that the “lesser evil” is no lesser, after all, and that evil is evil. What we need is not evil, of either the lesser or regular variety, not tall, not grande and not venti. What we need is to break this vicious cycle, and not only look outside the box, but get out of the damn box.

“But, we don’t have an alternative to the Democrats, right now”, their supporters tell us, which sounds reasonable, until you realize that we never will have an alternative, as long as we continue to take the Democrats as our alternative. Alternatives that would challenge the status quo aren’t promoted or financed by those in power. The first step in building the new, is the rejection of the old. You can’t simultaneously advocate an alternative and accept the status quo. The first step in creating the alternative, is to REJECT DEMOCRATS AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND THEIR CORPORATE AGENDA.

Rejection of the Democratic Party is the rejection of neoliberal policies, the rejection of Monsanto and big oil, the rejection of JP Morgan and 74% pay raise for its CEO, while it’s employees are getting fired, it’s the rejection of government secrecy, punishment of conscientious whistle blowers and spying on all citizens, it’s the rejection of Patriot Act and NDAA and curtailing of our civil rights, it’s the rejection of turning a blind eye on corporations poisoning our food, water and ruining the environment for profit, it’s the rejection of drone attacks on innocent people and keeping innocent men in Guantanamo, indefinitely; it’s the rejection of aiding the apartheid Israel while it continues to kill Palestinians and demolish their homes, it’s the rejection of imperialist wars and aggression, the rejection of attacks on workers’ unions and spending an obscene amount on the military while kids go hungry. Rejection of the Democrats is the essence of progressive politics and building a better future for us and the world.


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