The State Of The Union 2014

So, Obama is about to give his State of the Lies Address. I mean State of the Union Address. The latest poll shows 68% of Americans feel worse off now than 5 years ago and only
31% feel they’re better off.
63% feel the country is on the wrong track and only 28% think it’s going in the right direction. Only 3% feel the state of the union is strong. So, when Obama says tonight that the state of the union is strong, he’ll be going against the opinion of 97% of the population. 81% have caught on to the fact that the economy works for the rich, as opposed to 13% who think it works for the poor. Guess who thinks it works for the poor? Mostly, the rich, of course. So, when he talks about the economic recovery, many should be able to see how hollow his words are.

But, the ruling class knows that they can’t hide such things for too long and that’s why they’ve hired him: to put a spin on it and say that he cares about it, that he feels our pain. And, indeed, He’s the best person for giving us such bull. That’s what he’s best at and excels at, bar none: giving lip service to a problem that’s on people’s minds and doing everything he can in the opposite direction for the benefit of his Wall Street masters, which end up perpetuating and exacerbating the very problem he tells us he cares about. See how masterfully he does that tonight to brain dead liberals’ enthusiastic applause.


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