Power, Representation and Mass Deception

Even cable network pundits admitted that the President’s so-called State of the Union Address was a “nationalistic” and jingoistic speech that sounded like a pep rally, full of references to “American exceptionalism” meant to make us all feel good about “our great country” and forget about the realities going on around us – a well-delivered “patriotic” speech, full of feel-good generalities, without anything specific that would actually help the middle class, let alone the starving poor, despite repeated references to “the middle class”, which has been pushed into poverty, while the rich has got richer. It almost sounded like he was trying to prepare us for another war. But, such jingoistic speeches aren’t just for rallying people to support a war. Nationalism is also a cover to hide economic realities.

Why is it, you might ask, that both corporate parties keep talking about the middle class, and yet it’s the middle class that keeps getting poorer, with low and stagnant wages, rising college tuition and rising household debt, while they work harder and harder? Why, despite all this “concern” for the middle class, they’re worse off now that they were before a Democratic president took office, five years ago?

The reason has to do with political clout and representation. What you’ll never hear in your government and “political science” class, or in such speeches, is that policy is the result and consequent of power. If you have the power, you set the policy. What’s taught instead is a vague and abstract notion of “democracy”, reinforced in schools and on media, which meshes all people together and states that since people choose their representatives and president in a free election, the majority gets its interests represented in government. But, we all know, that it’s not the elections that determine which group (or class) of people get to dictate policy, but, rather, who CONTROLS the policy making process DIRECTLY. That class of people are those with the big money and hence the power.

To use an example from other countries under US influence, if you have the presence of US troops and generals, as well as, US money being handed out generously to top hand-picked officials of a foreign government, you can’t expect that government to make policy that’s for the good of the majority of that nation’s population. Naturally, those policies set under those circumstances will benefit those with the money and power, which are US corporations, who exert their power and influence through the US government.

What I just described is one of the ways imperialism operates, but, the domestic situation isn’t all that different, and that’s because power and money is universal and work in similar fashion, everywhere. The middle and lower classes are, in truth, not represented and don’t wield power, as do the top 1%, and will therefore not be helped by either party of the rich. This is why elections are divorced from and don’t produce the desired results.

None of this is taught in government classes or mentioned in speeches because exposing such truth would throw away the entire concept of the fraudulent “democracy” that’s been constructed and is taught and sold to the American people.


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