The New Move To Fascism

Whenever working people begin to organize and fight back against corporations whose excessive greed pushes workers into poverty and hunger, their representative government begins to move towards fascism to stem the tide of workers’ resistance. This is as predictable as it getting dark when the sun goes down.

After decades of take backs and cut backs, culminating in the Great Recession that pushed millions more into hunger, there appeared signs of resistance in the US. Immediately, the government began tightening the screws and gave new powers to police and military, most notably, by enacting the NDAA, in order to preempt the formation of a movement, before it could take hold. Wiretapping, eavesdropping and spying was escalated, whistle blowers were punished in an unprecedented way, even journalists were threatened and intimidated, secrecy increased, the president got new powers not given in the Constitution and police activity reached new heights, virtually, turning the country into a police state. And, this is despite the fact that the Occupy Wall Street has lost momentum and has been inactive.

The move towards fascism is on, but the trend is not the work of this or the previous president or any particular Congress. The government does what it needs to, in order to protect the interests and powers of the corporations who collectively are the real rulers, regardless of who got more votes in the latest elections. We must stop putting our hopes in this or that politician: Maybe Obama will be different. Maybe Hillary will be different. Maybe if Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress, they’ll listen to us. Such thinking. just shows a lack of understanding as to how the ruling class and their government operate. They have a lock on the elections and complete control over politicians who are carefully vetted and screened before receiving the required financial support for their campaign. Moreover, even if a radical one got through, he or she would be limited by what he or she can do. Politicians elected by corporate support and money have no illusion as to what they can or cannot do. Those with the illusion is the voting public.

Things will therefore not change until people reject the corporate electoral charade and stop chasing this or that politician. It will take organizing and meeting the corporate government at their posts and barracks, street by street, building by building.


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