A New “New”: Hillary For President

The system – a monopoly capitalist economic system in its advanced phase of imperialism, unleashed upon the people of the world, resulting in 85 individuals owning as much wealth as 3.5 billion people (the equivalent of the population of China, India, the entire continent of Africa and Australia, combined) – will not produce or allow a US president, through its electoral process that would dismantle this abusive, hyper-exploitative and violent system and meet people’s basic needs. That’s a fact whether you like to admit it or not. President after president, they come with loud hoopla and fresh promises they can’t and won’t keep and people continue to suffer and their lot keeps getting worse and people keep dying due to unnecessary wars, disease and poverty, all preventable, all due to greed, all due to unbridled world capitalism in its boldest and most dangerous.

We just went through one of the biggest electoral frauds ever played on us. We were told it’s going to be different this time, as we always are told, because this time, it’s our “first black president”. He came, we (many of us) cheered and applauded and felt proud and patiently waited and all we saw was more wars, more joblessness, higher tuitions, higher debts, more environmental ruin, newer genetically modified produce, more wealth and income inequality and more deaths and destruction overseas.

But, it’ll be different next time because next time, it’ll be our “first” woman president.


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