Disinformation: A Potent Weapon For The System’s Survival

Some of people’s commonly held beliefs are based on nothing but lies, told to them all their lives, such as those that falsify the nation’s history to give a sanitized version of it and establish the “country” as benevolent, exceptional and doing good in the world. When taught to kids at young age, such lies become accepted at face value and become part of their mindset and psyche and are therefore hard to unlearn and reject, even in adulthood. When it’s accepted that this is an exceptionally good and benevolent country, operating on the basis of justice, freedom, democracy, and opportunity for all, it then becomes easy to present the objectives of a colonial war as the spread of democracy, or freeing a nation from a brutal dictator, or saving the world of the danger of another.

The existence of such systematic brainwashing by the ruling minority, itself, becomes hard to accept by the general public because it goes against the very set of beliefs they’ve learned and held all their lives. Asking them to abandon and reject those beliefs is like asking them to reject who they are – their identity – and will elicit strong resistance.

When I talk to people about US foreign policy and its objectives and motives, I often get a reaction like: “we’re not all bad; there are also much that’s good about us” (notice the use of the word “we” and “us”), or “we’re not the only ones doing bad things”, and “this is still the best country there is”. It should come as no surprise that some of the most commonly accepted twists on reality have become part of the speech, too, since speech and thought process are closely related and reinforce each other. That’s why the country and its inhabitants are referred to as if “we” are one homogeneous and harmonious people with the same “national interests”, values, opportunities and “national security” needs, which, as a whole, makes “us” unique among all nations in the world, which explains, for example, why “we” need to go to war to protect “our” “national interests”.

As vile as such brainwashing is, it’s quite natural and is to be expected in a class society. When you have a small minority of super wealthy, holding all levers of power, setting policy, deciding election results and controlling all major outlets, they WILL also set and control the public mindset, beliefs and culture, and influence speech.

In selecting whom to promote and help get into office, the ruling billionaires and CEO’s pay attention to such language. Obama was smart enough to understand that back in 2004, when he famously said in his Democratic National Convention speech that “there isn’t a white America and a black America, but the United States of America. There isn’t a red America and a blue America, but the United States of America”. Such speech is meant to obfuscate and hide class differences. Due to the innately unjust and undemocratic nature of the capitalist system, the ruling class of filthy rich has no choice, but to use lies and deception to make the poor majority accept their rule and vote against their own interests, even in the face of the obvious results and inevitable predicament they keep finding themselves in.

It’s quite Ironic, if not impressive, that such inherently undemocratic system should stake a claim on “democracy”. And their justification for that claim? Because there are two, rather than one, capitalist parties for people to choose from, and because a bunch of bought-out millionaire congressmen and congresswomen discuss usually insignificant issues, usually of no consequence and to no affect on the operations and objectives of the military-industrial complex, or, more to the point, on people’s lives. And, when they do enact laws, they’re usually for controlling the masses and to ensure an environment suitable for and amenable to the smooth functioning of the corporations.

If there is one thing to be said about capitalism it’s that image is everything. No wonder, the Pentagon and the CIA have yearly budgets specifically for spreading disinformation, including paying “journalists” to write false articles and “insert” them into major newspapers. You can tell a lot about an economic system that relies on lies, fabrications, deception and “disinformation” for its survival.


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