The Death of a Mass Murderer

Imagine Nazi war criminals receiving military funerals after their death. Imagine them living freely and dying of natural causes, instead of being tried and executed, as Nazi war criminals were. And imagine, Germany continuing its occupation of territories and continuing to kill innocent men, women and children, without intervention by the world, all the while receiving unlimited amount of aid from the US.

Sharon was a psychopathic mass murderer responsible for the murder of thousands of Palestinians. He was directly involved with the cold blood murder of thousands of defenseless Palestinians, including women and children, in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon in 1982. These people had already been driven from their homes into refugee camps and lived in poverty and without adequate services. Their children would ask their parents why their people didn’t live in their own country like others, but in refugee camps in a foreign country. And Sharon facilitates murder of these defenseless people.

He’s dead, but I hold the living war criminals from Tel Aviv to Washington, including US presidents and policy makers for the genocide going on in Palestine. One more war criminal died without seeing justice. My wish is that others won’t.



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