Covering Sharon’s Death

In covering the death of the mass murderer (not a war criminal – massacring thousands of unarmed and defenseless men, women and children in the alleyways of Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon is not war, but cold blooded mass murder), Ariel Sharon, CNN, with its typical fake and duplicitous “evenhandedness”, mentioned that “to some he was a war criminal, while to others he was a war hero”. So, you see, everything has two sides: while some of you view him as a war criminal, there are others to whom he was a war hero. So, it’s a wash. And CNN does the noble thing and takes no sides. And so, they go on and cite Obama’s praise for the man.

But, when you stop to think (which you’re not supposed to), how can someone who was involved with the massacre of innocent and defenseless people in refugee camps, not in war, but in alleyways of refugee camps, be a hero? Yes, some would call anyone a hero. Some call Bin Laden a hero. But, would CNN present the “two sides” as both understandable and legitimate and appear impartial in that case? Would they tell us that while Hitler was a war criminal to some, he was a hero to many, which he certainly was? As a matter of fact, yes, they would say that. Not now, of course, but they would, if Nazi Germany had not tried to challenge the allies’ colonial hegemony in the world and take away from their colonial loots and had it not been an adversary to their global interests, but a cooperative team player, regardless of how many innocent and defenseless people they massacred in alleyways of refugee camps. And, yes Obama would send his heartfelt condolences to Hitler’s family and call him someone who “loved his country” (who can deny that about Hitler?). And, Biden would be sent to his funeral and Kerry would sing songs of praise for him. They could say lots of nice things about him, too. They could say he too wanted his country to be strong and safe and prosper.

President Reagan, whom Obama often praises, never hid his liking for and friendship with the South African regime or his disdain towards Nelson Mandela who was in prison at the time. President Clinton was fine and CNN wasn’t bothered as their “friends” in Indonesia were massacring East Timorese in 1990’s. President Nixon and others after him praised General Pinochet as he was butchering Chilean progressives. And as for Israel, not only its leaders are not condemned, but it gets far more financial aid from the US government, which it uses to commit mass murder and build settlements on occupied land, than Americans who lost their homes due to the financial crisis caused by banks (the score is: $4 billion every year to zero).

Yes, it’s understandable to CNN that Sharon can be viewed as a war hero, even though there was no war in those alleyways where poor Palestinian refugees were huddling with and holding their arms around their children to protect them from Israeli supplied bullets, just as were done to poor Jews who were also trying to cover their kids from Nazi bullets. This is how colonialism and imperialism works. They care not for people, or human rights, or justice or morality, only for their interests. This is why the leader of the Empire sends condolences to the family of a mass murderer and its media tries to make both sides look equally understandable and justifiable.


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