The Real Purpose Of The NSA Spy Program

On Friday, Federal District judge in New York, William Pauley, ruled that the NSA spying program was constitutional and could go on. If there is one thing we need to understand about the law, is that it, like everything else, is subject to interpretation and the judgement rendered depends on who’s doing the interpreting. You can read the same written law and come up with many different understandings and hence decisions.

Apparently, Mr. Pauley didn’t consider the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution that forbids the government from indiscriminate searches and seizures – that for it to be legal, the search has to have a specific cause for suspicion in a specific person and place. That includes correspondences which are supposed to be private and subject to search and seizure, only with a court issued warrant, due to a suspicion of committing a specific and named crime. Hundreds of millions of citizens obviously cannot be suspected of committing a crime, unless making breakfast and driving their kids to school and going to work and chatting on the phone is now considered a crime.

Judge Pauley, who in a more perfect society would be washing dishes and cleaning floors, instead of those who never got a chance at getting education, repeats the claims of the Government verbatim, just like a four year old. He says the NSA Director, Keith Alexander, “was crystal clear” when he said “We’re not doing it”, when asked if they were mining data from collected phone calls. It’s like asking a suspect who’s brought in front of a judge if he did it and when he says “no, I didn’t”, to say “well he’s crystal clear that he didn’t”. Apparently, the judge forgot that James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, told the Senate Intelligence Committee (what a joke that is), back in March, that the NSA is not collecting any data at all, which turned out to be a lie, which he then put it as: “the least deceptive way” he could have answered. Get it judge? The Government does lie. See, lying to Congress is also relative as to its being a crime or not. You think they’d let me off the hook if I did it?

Our Einstein judge goes on to repeat the Government claim that the NSA’s bulk spying program has been effective in preventing terror attacks. Apparently, he was also ignorant of the fact that a panel of intelligence and legal experts, which Obama appointed only after the program was exposed by Edward Snowden, concluded in a 300 page report that the program was not effective in preventing terror attacks.

Judge Pauley also took the Government’s word at face value when he said the information collected is not used for any purpose other than to investigate terrorist activities, whereas, a general inspector’s report issued in September said that that was not the case. I suppose spying on foreign leaders, too, including the German Chancellor or Brazil’s President and many others, is to prevent terrorism and not to gain advantage for US corporations. Just yesterday, Washington Post reported that the CIA secretly helped the Colombian government locate, capture and kill at least two dozen leaders of FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), using NSA data. And you think they were not monitoring the organizers of Occupy Wall Street in the US? This is the same government – in nature and in character – that was spying on Dr. Martin Luther King, the same that was spying even on John Lennon because he was singing songs for peace.

This government has an empire to maintain on behalf of the corporations that own and control it. As soon as there is a rebellion in a nation with a “friendly” government (which means either a puppet or one that cooperates with the Empire), anywhere in the world, the CIA gets active (and, in many instances, the US even openly aids the government in question in putting down the rebellion). They have global interests to protect and expand for their giant corporations. They don’t kid around. And you think they would devise this massive, sophisticated and very expensive program to just try and stop terrorist attacks, which the panel mentioned above concluded isn’t effective, anyway?

The program is indeed and exactly meant for what the Constitution tried to prevent: the coming to power of a government that represents the interests of an oligarchy that takes all lever of power by creating a police state, and through unreasonable searches and seizures and espionage on its citizens and through bought out elections, remains in power. And the longer it does this, the more it consolidates its powers and funnels the wealth to the few at the top. Tell me I’m wrong.



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