Police Gone Wild

Today, the National Geographic channel was showing Kentucky Sheriff’s deputies make arrests. A deputy stopped a car and while approaching from behind, ordered the driver to show his hands. When he failed to comply, the deputy sprayed the car with bullets, shattering the window and hitting the driver multiple times. When other deputies arrived to assist him, they grabbed the bloodied man and violently pulled him out of the car and into the pavement, when they could clearly see he was severely wounded. Another case of the show involved another Sheriff’s deputy stopping and arresting a mother of three on drug related charges and despite the traumatic cries of her panicked little kids, hauled her to prison. If some day, which I’m afraid will come sooner than later, they use robots as cops, I hope the robots will have more humanity and empathy than these inhuman robocops.

The show went on and the narrator told those stories as if there was nothing wrong and the deputies were just doing what they’re supposed to, which I guess is murdering people in order to protect them. I’m often reminded of the US general who said of a Vietnam village, that “we had to destroy it in order to save it”.

There are about 400 murders of American citizens in the hands of law enforcement officers every year and that’s the official estimate of “justifiable” killings (justifiable to them, that is). That’s more than one every single day.

A few weeks ago, the windows of the car belonging to Oriana Ferrell, was smashed by New Mexico police officers while her children were inside the car. Another officer shot at the car multiple times when she decided to drive away to avoid arrest.

The police in this country are so out of control that they don’t even care if their target is a foreign diplomat with diplomatic immunity. The other day, Devyani Khobragade, a deputy consul at the Indian Consulate in New York City, was arrested and strip searched, which included body cavity search. The police in the US are known to retaliate against anyone who objects to their inhumane and belittling methods by doing strip and cavity search, in order to further humiliate the arrestee and in a way to show that they will do as they please. Khobragade was charged with falsifying statements in her application for her nanny to come to America. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharaha’s office alleged that she claimed she was paying the woman $4,500, when she only paid $573. Khobragade’s arrest understandably created an uproar in India, including protests where US flags were burned.

While the police here show no regard for diplomatic immunity, which applies to all cases except those involving violent subjects who could put lives in danger, the US government insists on immunity for its own military personnel and so-called “diplomats” (rather CIA agents and private contractors), even when the individual commits rape and multiple murders, including one in India, not long ago, when a CIA agent shot and killed two innocent people. Murder and rape are protected by diplomatic immunity, but, making a false statement in a visa application for a nanny is not and the violator deserves a strip search. But, Ms. Khobragade should be glad she heard and understood the officers’ commands; otherwise, her car could have been sprayed with bullets, too. Welcome to America!



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