Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

Not that I care about Time magazine’s Person of the Year PR charade, which they used to call Man of the Year before realizing they were excluding more than half of humanity. Nor do I have any qualms about naming Pope Francis the Person of the Year. But, the person they passed on was Edward Snowden who singlehandedly and overnight injected a healthy dose of reality and awakening into a slumbering populace and made Obama look and sound ridiculous every time he criticizes other nations’ leaders for not respecting their citizens’ rights, which he did again yesterday in Johannesburg, during the eulogy he delivered for Nelson Mandela. Nope, he’s way too shameless to stop. Besides, he won the presidency, which he did with the help of corporations, to deliver the Empire’s speeches and he will continue to do that.

But, be that as it may, Time magazine’s calling Snowden a “dark prophet” just shows where they stand. It’s ironic, to say the least, for them to call Snowden “dark” when he actually fought against darkness – the darkness of US government’s lack of transparency, the darkness of secretly and illegally spying on citizens without a cause, and the darkness of disinformation, lying and misleading committed by the government against its people. Edward Snowden gave up so much and sacrificed so much to bring knowledge and understanding to the American people and it’s quite apt for a tool of the Empire to call him “dark” since for the people for whom he gave up so much, he is the epitome of lightness.



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One response to “Time Magazine’s Person of the Year”

  1. Basil the Roswell Alien says :

    Couldn’t agree more! Say what you will about Snowden, but I think TIME’s article on him says more about TIME than about Snowden.
    Here’s my view on Pope Francis becoming Person of the Year: http://randomnessessities.com/2013/12/13/the-name-is-corky-james-corky/

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