Obama And His White Liberal Supporters

Chris Mathews of MSNBC can’t stop raving about Obama. And why wouldn’t he? He’s fine with the way things are, and the fact that they don’t get any better for millions of working people bothers him none. Plus, Obama makes white liberals like him feel reassured that yes, after all, theirs is indeed an exceptionally good and benevolent country, whatever “country” means to them. Racism no longer need be a stain on their white guilt ridden consciousness that sees racism not as a systemic and institutional power phenomenon tied to the socio-economic system, but something stupid and wrong “some” people do to others. Obama is a relief to them, showing how a black man from modest background can climb up the ladder to occupy the White House. In fact, Mr. Mathews has used Obama’s example to prove “American exceptionalism”.

The truth is however, that having a well spoken black president who serves the interests of the white super rich and their Empire is no better than having a clean cut well behaved black bus boy serve high class patrons in an expensive restaurant. The black bus boy is a reassuring reminder to the “guests” that they’re not so bad. They hire blacks, too.


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