Colonialism Continues To Threaten Humanity With War

There is a group of islands right next to mainland China (see the photo) claimed and controlled by Japan. Such claims of territorial ownership are leftovers of past colonial times. After subject nations won their independence, some neighboring islands remained in the hands of the colonizers. A more egregious example is the Malvinas, or as the British Government calls them, the Falkland Islands, right next to Argentina.

Yesterday, the Argentine Government issued a threat to companies that drill on the islands and their coast for oil, with heavy fines and jail time for their executives, if they don’t stop. They stated that “The Argentine government has protested against and rejected all of the United Kingdom’s attempts to promote and authorize such hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation activities in the area of the Argentine continental shelf”, saying that drilling and taking the oil is in violation of the UN resolution reached over the dispute between the two governments which led to war, 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, last Saturday, China issued a new map of its air defense zone covering Diaoyu islands (as they’re called by the Chinese, or Senkaku called by the Japanese), requiring that any aircraft entering the specified airspace must notify Chinese authorities beforehand; otherwise, it’ll be considered a violation of Chinese airspace. The move was interpreted as an effort to reassert Chinese claim over the islands towards possibly a joint control or administration by both governments. The claim was quickly rejected by the Japanese, and of course, by the US, which has hundreds of aircraft stationed in the area, saying they would not comply. And, to show they couldn’t care less with the newly drawn air defense map, the US flew two B-52 bombers over the area on Wednesday, saying it was an “exercise”. Incidentally, the US does such exercises right under the nose of North Korea, too, which lost 3 million people to US bombers not that long ago.

These are of course two entirely separate and unrelated cases, but the two incidents, separated by only two days, brought them both into focus, as if to remind us that despite much progress, colonialism is not entirely a thing of the past and still threatens humanity with wars and exploitation.

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