Violent New Mexico Police Endanger The Lives of 4 Children

Watching the video showing the encounter between Oriana Ferrell, a black single mother of five, with New Mexico police, in the presence of her terrified children, makes me so mad that I can’t bear to watch it to the end.

Can you imagine the horror those four children must have gone through when a crazed police officer smashed their car window into their face while they were all sitting in the car? Did it not occur to the officer that those kids could have got injured from broken glass being smashed into their faces? Another officer even shot three bullets at the car, with all the children inside!

And can you blame Ms. Ferrell for not wanting to be arrested and taken away from her kids by white cops? I can’t? And how do you suppose that 14 year old boy is going to feel about white cops from now on, after watching the violent behavior of those cops towards them? They had them all lying on the pavement face down to be handcuffed after she gave up! I hope that boy doesn’t feel as angry about it as I do, but, I’d want to shoot any cop I see. I’m not too optimistic though. By the age of 14, most black boys have seen enough to want to do just that. You see, the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s never ended. Stay tuned, for it will return with a roar.

Brutality by racist police, especially against minorities, is a recurring problem. Over zealous cops with warrior mentality continue beating, brutalizing and shooting, with impunity, unarmed people who run from them or who refuse to immediately comply with their orders. There is a sense among them that their badge and gun gives them the ultimate power and the right to do whatever they please, without any fear of repercussions. As Mark Furmann, one of the police officers involved in beating Rodney King said, they feel like God on the streets. They view citizens as the enemy they have to fight and defeat. They’re trained like soldiers and let loose on the public like mad dogs.

But, it’s not just their training. All the laws that protect them and make it a crime to resist or disobey them, and the lack of real and serious punishment by their superiors when they commit such acts, as well as a biased court system that fail to convict them, make them feel invincible and gives them a sense of power and entitlement? If you feel you have the right to hit someone, you’re much more likely to act on that supposed right, than if you thought you didn’t have that right. But, the legislative and judicial branches are not likely to change that because they are, in the final analysis, the protectorate of the rich and want people to be afraid of the police. Why? Because they’re afraid of the people. I’m sorry, but, I must agree with them here. They have every right to be afraid of the people. We, the people, are indeed scary to them because they know that when we rise up, we will raise hell with us. We won’t just send the oppressors and exploiters to hell. We will bring hell to them!



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