US To Keep Troops In Afghanistan

It’s been reported that the Obama Administration is planning to leave between 7,000 to 8,000 troops in Afghanistan, for at least another decade, which really means indefinitely, as they have done in South Korea, Japan and Germany, among others.

In the face of continued killing of US troops in the hands of Afghan people who, for some unknown reason, don’t want to be occupied by a foreign occupation force, as well as the Americans’ dissatisfaction with the war, which has gone on for 12 years and cost thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, Obama announced, two years ago, plans for withdrawal.

Reportedly, the US installed government of Hamid Karzai, who was on CIA payroll before the war began in 2001 and was flown from Washington to Afghan Capital and made president, is asking for at least twice as many US troops to remain in the nation, in order to help his corrupt and highly unpopular government remain in power.

This change of heart on the part of the US military establishment is being reported in the media to have been caused by continued “concern” for “security”, and that should all US troops leave, the country will be unstable and fall into chaos and the government will not be able to provide needed security and stability. What that really means is that the US installed Karzai government will not be able to remain in power, without US occupation forces. “Security” and “stability” are, after all, relative terms. What security and stability means to one, means occupation by and imposition by force, of a foreign country’s military and corporate interests, to another. It should not surprise any of us that an unpopular and corrupt “president”, forcefully installed by and accountable to foreign corporations and their government, would want those troops who brought him to power to remain there and continue to give his government the “security” it needs from his own people.

The truth is: first of all, war and occupation is the cause of chaos, violence and instability, and secondly, US occupation isn’t for the interests of the Afghan people or prevention of terrorism, but the geopolitical, economic and military interests of the Empire. Keeping troops in Afghanistan is for the control of the nation’s policies and politics and using it as a stepping stone towards “containing” China and Russia and a military base to confront neighboring Iran and influence events in the region for US corporate interests. But, the number being proposed by either side is as much political, as it is military. Although he needs the US troops, Karzai doesn’t want to be viewed completely beholden to the US. The US, in turn, also doesn’t want to be seen as continuing to occupy the country and cause US casualties and unsustainable expenditures, as well as ill will among world Muslims; hence, the middle ground of keeping thousands of troops plus security and other contractors while claiming to “leave”.

We’re taught to be moral individuals early on in life: to treat others with respect, fairness and consideration. Yet, the government which claims to be ours and claims to represent us in the world acts absolutely with no sense of morality, decency or justice. And, such state of immorality and indecency and unbelievable level of violence and injustice brought onto people overseas, which, needless to say, is also an injustice against us, also has the undesirable effect of pushing the government towards more secrecy, more policing, more spying and more paranoia against its own people, not to mention siphoning off all the money that could be spent on providing healthcare, education, jobs, housing and curing diseases into endless wars and atrocities, whether it’s drone attacks or bombings or outright wars and occupations that kill thousands of innocent people. Every day that goes on with such criminal government in power is one day too long.



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