Iran’s New President and Obama’s Bloody Hand


Three things:

1. I’m glad and pleased that Mr. Rouhani, the new Iranian President, acknowledged and condemned the Holocaust committed by Nazis against defenseless Jews. He was right to do that, not for political reasons, but because it’s true, because that horrible massacre committed against Jews is a terrible stain on human history, as is the genocide currently taking place by the so-called “Jewish State” against the defenseless Palestinian people.  He was right to point that out too.

2. Despite the wishes of some so-called Iranian “moderates” and “reformists”, as well as members of the Obama Administration and some American liberals who want to see relations between Iran and the bloody Empire normalized, I don’t.  I’m no fan of the Islamic Republic of Iran which continues to jail and execute political prisoners and has reactionary and medieval laws, especially in regards to women, but I agree with the Kayhan Newspaper of Iran that it would be horrible to see “the hand of our president would for moments be in the bloody clench” of Mr. Obama. Make no mistake: you cannot find a bigger war criminal than Obama among any of the some 200 leaders at the United Nations.

3. It’s not in the long term interests of the world and its inhabitants for any country to possess or acquire the nuclear bomb, including Iran, but even if Iran were to develop one which it says they are not planning to, where is the outcry about Israel’s some two hundred nuclear bombs.  And where is the outcry about its threats against Iran? Where is the outcry against assassination of several Iranian nuclear scientists in the last few years? Why single out Iran? Oh wait. I know: it’s Iran that keeps attacking, invading and bombing its neighbors, right? Or is it Israel? So, which country is to be trusted less? Remember: one of these countries is a colonial settler state massacring the natives and attacking other countries; the other has not attacked any country for over 300 years and has a large Jewish population living in peace and prospering.


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