Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani’s Speech to UN General Assembly

“We must try to build coalitions for peace, not for wars”.

Whatever you think of the Islamic Republic – and I’m one who has serious problems with it and its treatment of dissidents and women and the whole idea of an autocratic religious republic – he did give a good speech to UN General Assembly. His criticism of the mentality of war and violence and economic and military coercion and pursuit of world domination and imposition of its agenda and interests through violence and aggression, directed at the US and its gangster allies in Europe, was right on the money; and so was his mention – rare in UN, due to US pressure – of the atrocities and crimes committed against the Palestinian people by the colonial-settler Zionist state. His speech was full of references to peace and negotiations and the need for mutual respect, fairness and evenhandedness, rather than how and when and who will be attacked next. He also was right to mention the fact that several Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated in the last few years by agents of the CIA and Mossad which were never dealt with or condemned or investigated by UN Security Council. His characterization of US imposed economic sanctions on Iran as criminal and belligerent that hurt the ordinary people and amount to an act of war and aggression was also accurate.

What’s interesting is that against the backdrop of so much aggression against and mistreatment of the Iranian nation by the US Government in the past 50 years, including the CIA coup of 1953 and its support of Saddam’s use of chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers in the Iran-Iraq war, which Mr. Rouhani also mentioned, as well as the assassinations, shooting down of a passenger jetliner, sanctions and threats of war, it’s Obama who says he needs to see if Iranians are serious about respecting international laws and that they have to prove they’re sincere and trustworthy. The Empire continues to talk like an Empire.



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