Goodbye Wiener

I feel left out. Anthony Wiener is gone and I never wrote anything about him. I think I’m entitled to some fun, too. But, I must say, I feel strange because for once, I agreed with the voters’ choice for Mayor of New York, or at least agreed with their choice for whom to reject, most resoundingly. Speaking of rejects – or is the right word imbeciles? – Mr. Wiener got only 5% of the vote who were probably the women who answered his adds.

But, joking aside, there was a question that was raised in the media, as to when and if people forgive politicians who commit inappropriate sex acts and cheat on their wives. David Petraeus, a war criminal and torturer was considered a hero by corporate media until he had an extramarital sex. He can kill and torture, but in his private life, he must act appropriately. That’s where they draws their line.

But, setting aside the political sleaziness and crimes which too often go unpunished, people do forgive inappropriate sexual behavior. Bill Clinton is a prime example. The reason New Yorkers didn’t forgive Wiener isn’t because his sexual misbehavior was particularly egregious compared to others’, but, because they realized, as time went on during the campaign, that this Wiener guy was not only a sleazy cheat, but that he was a real asshole.

My problem with him was his extreme reactionary and racist positions against Palestinians. That was enough for me to hate the jerk, but, I, too, realized how intolerably revolting this guy was, the more I saw him on TV. And true to form, as he was leaving, he showed his middle finger to reporters filming him.

For once, I felt part of the majority who rejected an asshole. But, my feeling of belonging didn’t last long, as I soon remembered we have a President who helps Israel kill Palestinians, kills plenty of people, including children, himself, and helps Monsanto which has 93% of the seeds market and bioengineers poison, sue little farmers every week to drive them out of business because they can’t afford the lawyers’ fees. So, I remember again: I’m in minority, a small minority – 85% of African Americans are still supporting him.

We have a long way to go. Where are you Dr. King when we need you? Oh, that’s right, they killed you because we needed you and instead they gave us Obama whom they needed. Wow!



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