War President Failing To Convince People They Need A New War

Following the posting of a video by New York Times that showed the brutal execution of a group of Syrian soldiers in the hands of a “rebel” group, the Administration released videos to a select group of Senators that show victims of chemical weapons lying on the ground and being attended to by medical staff or dead. These and similar videos were already shown on all TV networks and images were printed in newspapers when the Administration first revealed its intention to attack Syria. They are also available on YouTube and were shown again on CNN today; so, it’s not clear what the value or significance of releasing these to senators is, other than to counter and nullify the effect of the infamous execution video which raised a question as to who will benefit from US strikes.

The question as to who used the chemical weapons remains unsettled and the Administration has yet to show any evidence, either to members of Congress or to Russia and China who oppose a US attack. There are reports, not publicized by US media, pointing to Saudi Arabia and Turkey as the source of the chemical weapons which are both actively aiding and supporting the “rebels”, along with Qatar, Jordan and UAE. Jordan, and to a larger degree, Turkey, have campgrounds dedicated to the rebels who cross the border and return to Syria with heavy weaponry. Saudi Arabis and Qatar have been the largest monetary contributors to the fighters. Such reports implicating Turkey and Saudi Arabia as the source of the chemical weapons which have been completely avoided by US media are at least as credible, if not more, as the mere claim of the US government that puts the blame on the Syrian government. The closest MSNBC got today to pointing out that the Syrian government may not be the culprit was to mention that there are conspiracy theories as to who did it which implies that only the US claim is the real thing. The question to ask is: was the US lie about the Gulf of Tonkin also a conspiracy that led to a long and devastating war in Vietnam, or the lie about Iraqi soldiers killing Kuwaiti babies that helped incite emotions to justify the first war on Iraq, or the lies about the weapons of mass destruction that gave the US the excuse to wage the second war on Iraq? When you consider the current US claim in the context of its history of lies, it’s hard to believe them when they say: “we know”. Now, it may be true that the Assad regime did use chemical weapons, but, would any court of justice convict anyone to death on the mere say-so of government officials that claim to know but wound reveal no evidence? Ironically, the only institution that would do that and does do it is the Obama Administration which orders the execution of individuals, including US Citizens, on the mere say-so of the President. And this is a president who is now expecting everyone to take his word that the Syrian regime was the guilty one. Not only that, but that the punishment is to bomb and attack the country with missiles which will surely kill more innocent people.

But, the logic of killing more people to punish for killing of others is being questioned and rejected by people. A war-based approach to all “problems” and “crisis”, real or made up, is being challenged by people everywhere. It was the pressure by the British people that made the Parliament to reject the idea of attacking Syria. Likewise it was the American people who pressured the Administration to seek congressional approval for its war on Syria and are now flooding their representatives’ emails and phone lines urging them to vote no. Similar pressure has also made the President of France, which was the only country willing to join the US in the war, to backtrack and announce that he will now wait until the analysis of the UN inspectors is complete. Releasing of already publicly available and shown videos showing victims of the chemical attack shows desperation on the part of the Administration of death and destruction who wants to convince us that what we need is more wars rather than peaceful negotiations and diplomatic solutions. The war and death president seems to be losing this contest, though. We need to keep up the pressure.


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