Is War The Only Option, Ask Some Members of Congress

In his interview with Chris Hayes of MSNBC, Secretary of State John Kerry who’s been given the job of selling the war on Syria, kept repeating the same nonsense lines that if we don’t attack Syria, in violation of international laws and in defiance of the United Nations, Assad would be emboldened to use chemical weapons again and others such as Iran would also be encouraged to do the same.

First of all, they’ve claimed Assad has done it, but haven’t provided any evidence other than to say: “we know”. Well, we also know that they’re a bunch of liars. I say Barrack Obama and John Kerry are the Boston Marathon bombers. Just trust me because I know.

Secondly, even if it’s true that Assad did do it, no one else other than Saddam has ever used it and that was against Iran with the support and blessing of no other than the US. It’s not like there is an epidemic of chemical weapons use. The only epidemic is US wars and aggression.

Thirdly, they say they don’t want to overthrow Assad, but to weaken him. Translation: they want to encourage the “rebels” to continue fighting, instead of negotiating, and thus maintain “the equilibrium” between the two warring sides, an equilibrium which has resulted in the death of 100,000 and displacement of two million. But, maintaining a deadly and disastrous stalemate which the US is admitting to will eventually be changed to “regime change” once the regime is weakened enough thanks to US bombardment. Motive matters. US motive for military intervention has nothing to do with the use of chemical weapons.

Kerry also admitted that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan and Turkey are involved in the war in Syria which is being falsely called “civil war”. He forgot one more country already involved there: the US. To show that the US isn’t alone in their plans to attack, besides France, Kerry also named those same countries that are already involved in waging the war, even though the Arab League has refused to back the military action. Incidentally, Kerry did mention one other nation: Poland whose president is now in Sweden, not as part of the G20, but to wipe Obama’s behind every time he goes to the bathroom.

When asked about the brutal assassination of Syrian soldiers in the hands of a group of the so-called rebels, Kerry said the US and its friends involved in the war carefully vet the rebels to make sure bad guys such as Al Qaeda members aren’t rewarded or supported. George Bush and his team of war mongering crazies were full of shit. But, this Administration is right up there too on the bullshit meter.

It’s interesting that regardless of which of the two corporate parties wins the White House, military intervention is always on the top of the Administration’s agenda. Lyndon Johnson was against involvement in the war in Vietnam before he was president, but when in the White House, not only was he for war, he even went on national TV and made a passionate case for war by lying to people about an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin that was manufactured specifically to garner support for the war. His case for war was strictly based on a lie. The Republican Senator from South Carolina reminded John Kerry during Wednesday’s Senate hearing that Kerry was always against wars before joining the Administration. He asked if the change was due to the “intoxication by the power”.

It’s also interesting that members of Congress from both parties are now coming forward and asking why a military attack should be the only option – why not push for peaceful negotiations? The Obama administration is, at this point, as pro-war as anyone in US politics, and more pro-war indeed than most Americans, including even most Republicans. And it’s Obama, of all people, who received the Nobel Peace Prize.

One of the most shocking arguments for attack on Syria is being made by some Democrats who say that voting in Congress against the attack could weaken the President politically versus the Republicans in coming negotiations over budget and debt limit! And you thought you had heard it all!Image


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