With Today’s Vote in US Senate, US Gets One Step Closer To War On Syria

ImageIt’s shockingly ironic and hypocritical to attack a sovereign nation in violation of “international law and norm” to punish a foreign leader for HIS violation of “international law and norm”. But, it’s even more shocking to believe that the intended attack is about punishing Assad or preventing his future use of chemical weapons. The truth of the matter is this is the precursor or prelude to try to change the regime with whatever means possible.

By intervening and toppling governments with military force and in the most violent way, leading eventually to the brutal murder of the leader and his family, as was done in both Iraq and Libya, the US ends up raising the stakes for such leaders, forcing them to fight to death to avoid capture and murder by pro-US forces, instead of submitting to peaceful regime change.

But, realistically, what can one expect of such governments, to surrender to any group of so-called rebels as soon as they get some heavy weapons and ammunition from some foreign states and begin shooting? Of course, they would fight back. Who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t the US? To be clear, the use of chemical weapons is absolutely horrendous and criminal. But, so is every other killing which has gone on for far too long, and US bombing will do nothing to stop the killings with or without chemical weapons and it will in fact cause more deaths.

If the pro-democracy movement which started in Syria over two years ago were to continue without being co-opted, derailed and converted into a pro- Saudi and US war against the regime, people might have had a chance to change the regime to a democratic one, but the US which is now screaming about the brutality of Assad, actually helped bring about the civil war by giving its, along with Saudis and Qataris, support to the foreign Jihadis fighting the regime. Doing that helped change a pro-democracy movement to a proxy war that has nothing in common with a people’s revolution. Actually, the US couldn’t be a bigger foe of such genuine revolutions. It’s frequently intervened heavily to stop such pro-democracy revolutions, costing tens of thousands of lives, the latest being in Yemen and Bahrain whose dictators are staying in power thanks only to Obama’s aid and support.

If it weren’t for US intervention or promise of intervention, the “rebels” might have been inclined, in the face of the current stalemate, to agree to diplomacy and negotiations. By promising to intervene militarily on their behalf, the US is basically trying to maintain the war, or more precisely, the devastating stalemate, that continues to cause numerous deaths on both sides, instead of peace talks which is what is urgently needed now. That’s right what is needed and needed immediately is not more violence and more killings by US missiles and bombs, but peace talks for the purpose of ending the killings.

What is clear here is that the US intends from the planned strikes not the elimination of chemical weapons or the means of delivering them, but to downgrade Syrian military and destroy their weapons, infrastructure and their defensive capabilities, as much as possible, and nudge the war to the advantage of the rebels and help topple the regime, or at least make it more vulnerable to a more direct attack by Israel or the US, in the future. That’s the intended end game: regime change in yet another Arab country. All the crocodile tears about the victims of the alleged chemical attack is just for justification of military intervention. All the other justifications such as punishing the regime for killing people with chemical weapons by killing some more people with missiles or to protect the “bad ass” and “warmonger” reputation of the US to remind others how bad we are, are bogus and an insult to the intelligence of those whose minds aren’t made by CNN.

What is needed is 1) a clear understanding of US corporate motives and insatiable urge for non-stop wars for empire, and 2) a non-wavering and non-ambivalent anti-war movement to stop the government of the 1% from continually finding an excuse to go to more wars that kill innocent people and squander the money that could be used to meet people’s needs. Let’s not be fooled again.


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