Mr. Secretary:

Imagewas Saddam also a “thug” and “murderer” when your government was helping his regime and giving him coordinates so he could attack Iran with chemical weapons? Since when you turned so vehemently against the use of chemical weapons?

And are we to just believe you now when you say “we know”? We too know some things. We know the US only raises such issues when they fit into its plans for world domination. We also know that the US itself has dropped white phosphorous and agent orange and depleted uranium bombs and has given such bombs to Israel which has also used against defenseless Palestinians. We also know the US routinely lies to the American people in order to get a free pass to commit crimes against humanity. It has lied before, during and after every military action in the past so there is no reason to believe it’s not now.

The US not only is not the policeman of the world, it’s the least credible to be one. A government that invaded and dragged an entire nation through blood and mud and killed and destroyed the lives of over a million people only a decade ago and is still involved in another occupation and continues to kill people with drone attacks in several countries and has been detaining innocent men at Guantanamo for over a decade, not to mention numerous other war crimes in every continent, doesn’t have the standing to mention others’ war crimes, let alone punish anyone for it. Sir, your government has no “moral authority” to speak of.

The fact is the US wants to use this incident – manufactured or not – to attack another Muslim nation it considers uncooperative in its long term plans for domination over and for dictating its policies in the region and worldwide. The fact also is that it intends to attack the country not so much to prevent future chemical attacks – if it’s true that the regime did use them which is not a given – but to destroy or at least weaken the country. It wants to do another regime change and put in a dictator of its own who will take orders from Washington, one who would cooperate with the US and Israel and their allies in the region such as Saudi Arabia to eliminate any viable resistance to US hegemony in the region and to try to finish off the Palestinian resistance. At the very least, it wants to destroy Syria’s defensive capabilities for future Israeli or US attack. It intends to downgrade the nation’s military, as well as destroy its infrastructure and economy.

A military attack is an act of war and may elicit a retaliation which will give the US further excuse to engage in a full fledged war. A military strike will also kill many people, possibly thousands, that they claim they want to protect. By attacking its close ally, the US also wants to further isolate and surround Iran to prepare for a future attack on that nation. Not only an attack won’t accomplish anything positive, it’s dangerous and an act of unprovoked war which is forbidden by international laws and is thus criminal. The American people must not be fooled again.



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