John Kerry’s Crocodile Tears

Today, US Secretary of State, John Kerry said that, despite UN inspections currently taking place on the site of the alleged chemical weapons use in Syria, the US has reached its own conclusion that the Assad regime has indeed used chemical weapons against the opposition, including civilians. He passionately condemned the attack and said that the US cannot remain silent or indifferent about such brutal and inhuman atrocity.

But, as is usually the case when it comes to US fake outrage and crocodile tears, there is more than meets the eye. Recently, the CIA declassified formerly classified documents citing clear and irrefutable evidence that Iraq was using chemical weapons against Iranians in its war on Iran, as early as in 1983 and through the end of the war in 1988. Not only did the US know about it and raised no objection and remained completely silent, it even helped the Saddam regime with its chemical attacks through intelligence and technical assistance.

The war began when in 1980, shortly after the Iranian revolution of 1979, Saddam Hussein, hoping to take advantage of the chaos, initiated an invasion to occupy Iranian territory in the South. When Iran complained to the UN about the chemical weapons use by Iraqis, the US said nothing, even though they knew and had clear evidence that that was indeed the case. In a UN meeting, the Iranian representative even held up evidence he had brought from Iran and asked the UN to test it for chemical weapons use. Then, he quickly excused himself to go wash his burning hands. The US dismissed the Iranians’ plea even though they knew at the time, according to declassified documents and former top national security officials interviewed by Foreign Policy journal that the Iranians were telling the truth. Not only the US was siding with Iraq which was the aggressor in that war, they were giving them satellite intelligence and know-how enabling them to continue to use chemical weapons.

The US considered the unprovoked Iraqi war on Iran a win-win for the US and Israel, in that no matter which side won, they would be killing each other’s people and that was considered a good thing, though not as good as Iraq defeating Iran and creating conditions for reversing the revolution. The mindset and policy in Washington towards Iran was still the same as in 1953 when the CIA overthrow a democratically elected Prime Minister and put the notorious dictator, the Shah, back on throne to rule with absolute tyranny for the next 25 years.

That the Iranian people, after all that the US government has done to them for the sake of corporate profits, still hold no grudge against the American people is amazing. I believe, if the situation was the reverse, most Americans would call for nuking Iran out of existence.

I don’t know if the Syrian military has used chemical weapons. It well may have. But, what I do know is that anything the US government does or says is strictly political and for its own political/strategic ends and expediency and depends on its objectives and interests at the time. If it’s politically and militarily possible to drop the atom bomb and kill hundreds of thousands of people to ensure Japan does not surrender to the Soviets, they will do it. If Israel bombing Lebanon as they did in 2006 or Gaza as they did in 2012 is in accord with their strategic plans, they will welcome it. And if a government using chemical weapons is in line with their goals, they will support that. Same goes for assassinations, acts of terror and sabotage, wars, occupations, coups and support for brutal dictators around the world. Their decision is always and strictly based on cold political and strategic calculations.

So, is it a bad thing when a government uses chemical weapons Mr. Kerry? Tell us how bad it is. As a US spokesman you have a lot of credibility.Image<a


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