Assault On Women Within US Military

What kind of criminally minded, violent and vicious military force would allow or tolerate their members to commit 26,000 sexual attacks in a single year (last year) and prosecute less than 1% of them, while retaliating against 62% of the victims who file a complaint? Is there anything human or remotely resembling human in such a force? 
The US military regularly runs commercials on TV networks and calls itself “a global force for good”, which supposedly takes democracy to other nations, even if they have to destroy the country and kill a million people for it, all the while propping up dictators! But, isn’t it obvious from its very nature, culture, mentality and treatment of its own members what a lie that statement is? Do we even need to contemplate what it is that they do globally, thousands of miles away from home, on the shores or soil of almost all other nations in the world who pose no threat to the US? 
We’ve seen how US soldiers, in every single war or occupation they have been sent to, massacred unarmed individuals, including children who did absolutely nothing to them, by the sheer hatred and racism they get indoctrinated with in the force. We knew about the rampant racism and racially motivated violence among the military personnel, but we closed our eyes to those realities because their rage and violence was not directed at us. But, what about now? Do we still think that that violence and inhumanity does not affect us? 
Our politicians from the President down to the soft spoken Democratic Congressman or Senator or TV showmen like Rev. Al Sharpton or Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC tell us that our soldiers are “serving our country”. Is 26,000 sexual attacks – victimizing 1 in every 5 women – with less than 1% prosecution and 62% retaliation against those who file a complaint part of that service we get from our military? 
And what are the benefits of that service we’re constantly reminded of and are supposed to be grateful for? Is our standard of living going up so we can tell our women soldiers to shut up and take the rapes because it’s benefiting us? Are we feeling safer when our military keeps killing and torturing people overseas and keeps corrupt brutal dictators in power? Are we enjoying more freedoms and privacy as a result? Is our government becoming more transparent? Are our kids enjoying more school lunches and education getting more affordable?
And, once again, we are going to be readied for the next round of congressional and soon after that presidential elections where once again we’re going to be told by Democrats to pick the “lesser evil” who, irregardless, will preside over the most violent and vicious military force in human history and will continue its global and domestic operations, including surveillance of American citizens and doing its “global good”. And this time that “lesser evil” will probably be Hillary Clinton who just loves and gets thrilled by the idea of wars. And just as African Americans got their social justice through Obama, so will women by voting for Hillary.

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