The Federal Bureau Of Assassination

When FBI shoots and kills someone, which they have done in many occasions, the latest being about 6 weeks ago, the agency or body investigating the killing is no other than the FBI, itself. This self-investigation, which has become an American tradition, is a very effective and impartial one, as we’ve seen with Wall Street banks, oil, gas and chemical companies and police departments that so effectively police themselves, giving us the citizens peace of mind that everything is under control and that justice is served and our environment is in good hands.

So, how unbiased is the FBI in investigating its own killings? Based on reports recently obtained by New York Times through the Freedom of Information Act, of 150 shootings committed between 1993 and 2011, in all 150 cases, the agency proudly and happily exonerated itself and concluded that the shooting was indeed justified – well to them, anyway.

The latest fatal shooting which happened in Orlando, Florida on May 22, is very telling as to how truthful and reliable the Bureau really is. Pursuant to the Boston Marathon bombings, they began interviewing anyone of Chechen background who might have known or been in contact with the Tsarnaev brothers. One of the young men they interrogated was a 27 year old named Ibragim Todashev whose family had immigrated from Chechnya and who used to know Tamarlan Tsarnaev from the time when he lived in Boston and went to the same gym as Tamarlan to practice mixed martial arts. The interrogation that ended in an FBI agent or agents shooting and killing unarmed Ibragim in his Orlando apartment was the fifth one. He had had no connection to the bombings that anyone could tell or the five interrogations could reveal. He was shot 7 times, one – presumably, the last – being at the back of his head, all in close range.

Shortly after this execution, an agent said he was shot because he threatened the shooting agent with a knife. That account was soon refuted by two police officers who were present during the interrogation who said there was no knife involved. Then, it was said that he lunged at the shooting agent with a broom which was also taken back. One such claim mentioned that he had a sword in his apartment, but that was hung somewhere and never taken out of its case. The last alibi was that he pushed a chair towards the agent. The FBI has been mum and is not saying anything. According to reports, the State of Florida Coroners Office has long concluded its findings as to the cause and manner of the death (pictures taken by a friend of the deceased show 7 gun shot wounds, one in the back if the head), but has been asked by the Bureau to not release its findings. Apparently, the FBI wants to make sure, once again, it’s the one making any report on its own killing.

Such impunity and ridiculous self-investigation leaves the door open for the FBI to selectively and unceremoniously eliminate political opponents of the ruling two-party system which represents the narrow interests of the Wall Street bankers and other giant corporations. This is no wild speculation or a paranoid conspiracy type hyperbole. Indeed, it has been one of the distinct tasks of the Bureau since its inception to go after and eliminate political leaders that are deemed a threat to the corporate rule. Case in point, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was pursued, spied on, marked for assassination and finally eliminated. (The court hearing his family’s civil lawsuit mentions the involvement of some “unknown governmental agency” in his shooting death. I wonder what agency that could have been – the Environmental Protection Agency? How about the Postal Service?). In a historic irony, FBI will take part in policing the gathering in Washington this month with Obama’s duplicitous presence to commemorate the Civil Rights leader’s “I have a dream” speech. Apparently, such dreams are only allowed to reach households by a dead leader of a past movement. While alive, such leaders are blacklisted and assassinated.

You may say that was 50 years ago. The FBI has changed since then. Yes, they have. They now use different guns. Now, there is also what’s called “war on terror”, instead of war on communism. Now, the NSA uses powerful software that intercepts and monitors all citizens’ communications and Internet activities. Such massive spying, which involves anyone from your next door 89 year old lady to your 16 year old son sending jokes to his friends, has as much to do with “war on terror” as Dr. King had with the Viet Kong. Yes, times are different now. We don’t have an anti-Vietnam-war movement. What we did have, and to much smaller scale still have, is an Occupy Wall Street, which by its very name, if not its actions, makes itself a target of armed agents.closely watching and following their every move.

But, this isn’t and shouldn’t be just about the current or future state of affairs in this country, which left unchallenged is fast becoming a police state. (When I say this, some challenge me on it. Suffice it to point to how the Boston Police closed down an entire portion of the City and rolled their personnel carriers with hundreds of machine gun toting officers searching homes without a court issued warrant). Nor is it about a Federal agency which supposedly is the enforcer of the laws, but which commits murders with total and complete impunity. This is, first and foremost, about justice. An innocent 27 year old was shot and killed and not only no one has been charged and put on trial, no one even knows who killed him and why, just that one or more of a group of agents shot and killed him, execution style, finishing him off with a bullet in the back of his head. That young man, too, had the right to live, just as did Trayvon Martin. He, too, has parents who are crying over their son’s bullet-ridden body. Where are the marches for him? Where is the justice? At least, Trayvon’s killer was tried.


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