Rev. Sharpton- An Unwavering Dedication To Hypocrisy


Who would have thought, Reverend Al Sharpton a new-con? Yet, that’s exactly how he sounds these days as he continues to defend all actions, and I mean all actions, of Obama, unconditionally and unquestioningly. His MSNBC show yesterday had, in big letters, “War on Terror” displayed across the screen, as he went on justifying Obama’s continuation of Bush’s policies to the tee. His blind loyalty and following of his spiritual leader is just as total and complete as is Obama’s of Wall Street bankers and billionaires and huge multinational corporations, from oil and insurance companies to the likes of Monsanto and Goldman Sachs. Usually, people wait until someone’s death to proclaim him a prophet. Mr. Sharpton sees no need to follow that tradition.

And he’s not alone. Miss Melissa Harris Perry, Martin Bashir, Chris Mathews and Lawrence O’Donnell of the same cable network, too, won’t let anything get in the way of their uninterrupted praise for Obama. This, I think, is a new phenomenon. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe reporters and TV pundits of the past were ever so constantly defending, so one-sidedly, completely and openly, a president they liked or preferred. This cultish mentality, I think, is something new.

Mind you, Obama is clearly not doing anything differently from Bush. In fact, in some glaring instances, such as exercising extra-judicious powers and executions, secrecy, punishing of whistle blowers, drone attacks, signing draconian laws impinging on citizens’ rights, etc., he’s clearly gone way beyond his predecessor, who, together with his Vice President, National Security advisors and others, were labeled and dismissed by Democrats as new-cons. In other instances, such as torture and Guantanamo prison, he’s only given a lip service, and a very weak one at that. Twice a day, they force tubes through the noses of inmates who are on hunger strike to protest their indefinite detention, bloodying their nose and throat – twice a day, everyday, with no end in sight. Mr. Sharpton apparently does not regard them as human and deserving of humanity enough to speak out about.

Anyone watching the Reverend actively lend his voice and support to Trayvon Martin’s family for justice for their son would at least expect some expression of disappointment from him at the President who, after remaining silent on the issue for as long as he could because he didn’t want to offend his white masters on Wall Street until the pressure was too much to bear and forced him to say something. And what did he say after all that silence? That it was a “state and local law enforcement” issue, and thus he washed his hands off Trayvon’s blood. But, could Mr. Sharpton have expected anything else from a president who for 5 years wines and dines with the heads of giant corporations and their billionaire share holders and gives only his empty words to the people who voted for him because they wanted change? It’s precisely his gift for doing one thing and saying another, for serving one (privileged) group and giving lip service to another that his billionaire friends passed on McCain and Romney and voted for him – twice. This is not rhetoric or innuendo. It’s a fact: more of the super wealthy class and CEO’s of monopoly corporations voted for him than for his opponents in either presidential election he ran in.

As Dr. Cornel West has correctly pointed out, his relentless and unabashed persecution of whistle blowers like Snowden and Manning is no different than the government’s persecution of civil rights activists of 50 years ago. It’s still about people’s civil and constitutional rights. It’s still about racial profiling and unjust incarceration of black youth. It’s still about social and economic injustice and it’s still about poverty, racism, war and imperialism, as it was 50 years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about and related social injustice to poverty and that to war and imperialism for profit, for wealth and for power of the privileged class. Mr. Sharpton, I’m sure, will have much to say about Dr. King and his famous speech 50 years ago, but those words will sound as hollow as the empty words of his idol on Pennsylvania Avenue.


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