Telling The Truth Has Never Been So Costly

The Internet genius and pioneer, Aaron Swartz, who wrote the program for RSS and helped develop Reddit, was another computer savvy talented young American who like Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, believed there was a need for change in this country. He founded Demand Progress and co-founded Progressive Change Campaign Committee and worked closely with WikiLeaks. As a result, he, as with others like him, didn’t escape the attention and ire of the government. He was harassed for over two years, starting in 2009, by FBI, the Department of Justice and then by state prosecutors who finally filed charges against him that carried a sentence of 30 years in prison, for nothing but hacking into a Web site. He fought to reduce the charges, but the prosecutors would not budge. Finally, he was found dead on January 11, 2013, at his apartment in Brooklyn, NY, at the age of 26. His death was announced as suicide. WikiLeaks tweeted about Swartz’ death: “The brilliant Aaron Swartz (@aaronsw), long time WikiLeaks friend, age 26, is dead after two years of harrassment by US prosecutors.”

Why does the US Government fear such young, smart and capable individuals? Why does the ruling class insist on taking them away from us, in any way they can? The answer is: information. These individuals who witness and understand government misdeeds, and either through their job and position or their know how, have the ability to reveal to the population government atrocities, crimes and secret programs, present a clear and present danger to them. The class of super wealthy that has created an empire, headquartered in Washington, has amassed an incredible military power and dominates over much of the world, making itself obscenely rich at the expense of billions of people – both Americans and others overseas – can continue its rule unchallenged only through secrecy and deception of its population, who keep getting poorer, while technology and productivity keeps rising and don’t understand why. They don’t understand why there have to be so many wars, why their government has to spend so much on the military, why their social programs, social safety nets and education must be cut and healthcare must cost so much, and why they have to give up their bill of rights. They’re told the wars and elimination of their civil rights are for their safety, that their sons and daughters must be sent to fight wars overseas so we don’t have to fight them here. They’re told they’re helping other nations by taking democracy to them, even if it means killing them and wiping off entire villages. They’re told the banks do nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong with what oil and gas companies are doing, that Monsanto makes safe produce, that insurance companies need to raise their premiums, and that they need to cut our education, close clinics, cut our social programs and school lunch because we can’t afford them, all the while they keep getting richer. And they all seem so happy whenever we see them on TV. They seem so detached from the hardship people are going through. Something doesn’t seem right.

These smart young Americans are trying to tell us what’s wrong with the picture. What Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Aaron Swartz did or tried to do to varying degrees, was expose the government’s lies and by doing that, they tried to bring people one step closer to understanding the truth about the class of blood sucking parasites and one step closer to changing all that. How the government of the rich who rule through their two-party system reacts to such individuals is very telling: one is held in military prison, probably for the rest of his life, one is trying to find home in another country to avoid life in prison, and the other is dead.



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