FBI Executes An Unarmed Man And Changes Its Story Several Times

After the Boston Marathon bombings, the FBI began interviewing others of Chechen background who might have known the Tsarnaev brothers to see if anyone else was involved with the bombings. One of the people they interrogated – for five times – was a 27 year old resident of Orlando, Florida, named Ibragim Todashev who knew Tamarlan Tsarnaev from the time he lived in Boston where they both practiced mixed martial arts in the same gym. During the fifth and last interrogation at his apartment, unarmed Todashev was shot seven times, one in the back of his head. After the incident, first, FBI agents said Todashev had a knife, but, then, two of the agents said, no, he didn’t. Then, they said he had a blade and then took that back. Then, they said, he lunged at one of the agents with a stick or a broom and was shot by the agent in self-defense. Then, they said no, he threw a chair at an agent. In any case, none of those conflicting accounts, which each time was refuted and changed, explains shooting him seven times, one of them at the back of his head, as if to make sure he was dead.

The State’s Coroner’s office has long concluded its autopsy of the body, but, has been asked by FBI to not announce their findings as to the cause, manner and circumstances of his murder, and are therefore not announcing their findings.

Normally, when an FBI agent shoots and kills someone, if they have nothing to hide, the agency announces the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident within 24 hours. But, after several conflicting accounts, and months after the killing, there is still no report by the agency as to what exactly happened on that day in the Orlando apartment when several heavily armed agents interrogated the unarmed Todashev.

The FBI says, before his death, Todashev had agreed to confess to being involved in the murder of three men on September 11, 2011, who were all brutally killed in a Waltham, Massachusetts apartment, a crime that remains unsolved. According to FBI, the other person involved with that triple murder was Tamarlan Tsarnaev who was implicated in Boston Marathon bombings and killed during a shoot out with police. The agency has not offered any evidence or explanation for its claim that the killers of those three Massachusetts men were Tamarlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev, both of whom are now dead.

No one knows who did those killings in 2011, but, we do know that the FBI agents executed Todashev and repeatedly lied about it and have prevented the Coroner’s office from reporting its finding about the murder. We also know a murderous gang of lawless gangster thugs who shoot and kill people with impunity. That gang of murderers is called the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Image


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