Did The System Work In Zimmerman’s Trial?


Sometimes, an event happens that reveals more about a society than you can ever learn from books or university classes. The trial of George Zimmerman brought to fore – again – the reality of racism, and dangled it in front of our eyes, like stinky ugly slime, such that no one could deny its ugly existence; and if anyone was too blind to see or pretended not to see it, its stench was strong enough to suffocate him out of his wits. Sadly, there are still people who continue to close their eyes and nose and claim not to see or smell this American gift to humanity, which is too toxic to even dump it into the sewer. This dirt must only be burned in an inferno bigger than the one that, in the aftermath of the acquittal of the police officers who beat Rodney King in 1992, burned 3000 buildings to ground.

The way I see it, there was no real and serious trial of Zimmerman who decided a 17 year old black teenager in a hoodie “was up to no good” and made sure he wasn’t one of those “punks” who “always get away” and proceeded to follow and ended up killing him. There was no real trial, only the pretense of a trial by a racist court within a racist “criminal justice system”, by a bunch of racists who conducted a show and sent Trayvon’s distressed and agonizing parents home.

This so-called bogus “trial” was nothing but a loud and naked show of racism. By unjustly, disingenuously and deliberately pretending that the case was not related to racism, the court itself became and operated as a racist institution. The judge who forbid even the mention of “racial profiling” during the trial would never herself have to fear for her child getting killed because of the color of his skin. So, to her, instructing the jury to disregard race who were all too happy to comply was devoid of real life experience and emotion and was academic and inconsequential. That was the judge. What about the so-called “special prosecutor” in the case, Angela Corey? She refused to file charges against Zimmerman for 7 weeks and filed the charges only after massive nationwide protests put pressure on her department and forced her hand. And after the verdict was announced, she said: “we brought out the truth”, and that the case had nothing to do with race, basically, defending the outcome. Well, that’s easy for her to say. I never heard of white police conducting racial profiling on white people like her or her children. So, when she says the case had nothing to do with race, she means racism is not an issue for her because she and her family are not affected by it. I would have never guessed it!!

Now, get this: this same prosecutor who takes that attitude about this case, filed, in 2010, maximum possible charges, without hesitation, and pushed to the best of her ability and to the extent the law allowed, for prosecution of a black mother of three, Marissa Alexander, who shot a warning shot without even hitting or injuring him, at her abusive husband who repeatedly beat her, sending her to hospital. As the result of her overcharging, Marissa is serving a 20 year sentence for just firing a shot into the air! And you think the system works? Only a hateful, racist and cruel person would be okay with such huge injustice and huge discrepancy between these two cases. If this is the prosecutor, what do you expect of the defense lawyer who has the audacity to say that had Zimmerman been black, he wouldn’t even have been charged! Oh, I get it. So, the system is biased against the white people. Don’t you wonder what universe he lives in? In the universe of lying racist bastards where facts and statistics don’t mean anything, that’s what. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a white liberal friend recently who said I’m being racist myself – against the whites – when I say racism is a one-way street and one sided and that so-called “reverse racism” is just a bunch of crap.

It wasn’t just the fact that monetary contributions pored in from all over the nation to help Zimmerman get the best defense he could, or that the prosecution did a terribly poor job and agreed with the judge that the race issue should not be raised or that jurors were not screened thoroughly to make sure they weren’t racist. It was all of these and more. And it’s not even all about that one innocent child who got killed for no reason. The problem runs deep and wide. One of the jurors said in an interview after the trial that she would feel safe in a neighborhood where Zimmerman was in neighborhood watch. Of course, she would. The Zimmermans and the police of this nation don’t follow and shoot and kill white boys. When asked if she felt sorry for Trayvon, she said she felt sorry for both of them. I can imagine the pressure she must have felt by that question to also include Trayvon in her reply.

But, none of this is enough for some white folks, some of whom are self-proclaimed liberals! They’re upset that there are protests against Zimmerman’s acquittal. They tell us that when a white person is killed, white people don’t demonstrate, but when a black boy is killed blacks do. Frankly, the racist ignorance and stupidity of these people is mind boggling and I wouldn’t even know where to begin with them. This is one of those situations when I throw up my hands in exasperation and walk away wishing the next climate change induced hurricane would wash them away and into some remote island, so I can’t see them, hear them or read their posts on Facebook, which I had the misfortune to read from one of them – on my own wall, of all places – by a so-called liberal!

Let’s stop pretending. Alright? Anyone who now says that there was a trial and the jury spoke and the system worked is a racist and full of crap. Yes, the system worked alright. It worked as it was meant and designed to work. It worked to disenfranchise another black family. It worked to reaffirm the notion that the life of a black boy means nothing. It worked to put a dead teenager on trial and make him the villain, instead of his murderer. It worked to send the message to African Americans that they have no safety in a country where the NSA monitors all Americans’ private phone and Internet communications, which supposedly is done for their “safety”! It worked to remind them, much to their disappointment, that having a black president who ignores the plight of the people who put their hopes in him and shamelessly serves the interests of the white supremacist ruling class who put him into office to give their rule a popular face means nothing to them; and that only they, in large numbers on the streets, can grab the bull by its horns and change the course of this society, and put the Angela Corey’s of this nation out of jobs they never should have been in.


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