Conspiracy Theories

You’d think turning to social media to read news and opinions instead of the corporate media would be a good respite away from the likes of CNN, NBC, ABC and others whose business model is to brainwash the public for profit from advertisers who are guaranteed of the public’s continued loyalty thanks to a narrow minded, infantile and consumerist mindset created by the media which cuts people off from the outside world and real issues making perpetual buyers out of them. Yes, you’d think social media would be a welcome relief from that. But, we run into many of the products of such brainwashing there which at times can make you feel like there is no escape.

One constant reminder of such ignorance and delusional thinking frequently on display is the plethora of conspiracy theories rising fast like unwanted weed out of every nook and cranny and tripping you at every step. Is there an outrage about the verdict in Zimmerman trial? It’s a diversion from Snowden. You mentioned Snowden? That’s a diversion from Bradley Manning case which itself is a diversion from what’s happening in Egypt where there is no revolution, really. It’s all CIA photoshopping pictures of millions of people on the streets and showing us on TV. Why? Because they want us to forget about the drone attacks which presumably could also be all lies told us so we believe them when they tell us that they did actually land on the moon in 1969, which was all a lie diverting our attention from the aliens that landed in Mojave Desert which US scientists are experimenting on so one day they can fly back with them to their planet and leave us here to put up with these damn conspiracy theorists. Good grief!!! Enough already.

But, seriously, what these conspiracy theories do is belittle people’s struggles and spread or try to spread apathy and helplessness. The CIA is like God and controls everything and people have no power; so, don’t even try to fight back. Just stay victimized – not by real war crimes and atrocities that we could actually organize against and in so doing empower people and have a real effect, but by fantastic and imaginary ones that we can do nothing about. The end result of such conspiracy theories is not empowerment but disempowerment, not believing in change but in impossibility of change, not encouraging and instilling in people hope and the will for change but hopelessness and lack of will for change.

In this scenario, we are for ever damned to injustice and oppression which there is no escape from, so busy yourselves with conspiracy theories as an intellectual escape. And that’s the real diversion: diversion from struggle, diversion from organizing, activism and from resistance. And if you ask them what about the revolutions of the past years and decades? People did win big victories, didn’t they? They will say: no those were all manufactured and not real. No revolution ever was real. In fact, since humans started walking on two feet, there has never been any change. People have never been masters of their destiny and they never will be which begs the question: do we really exist or this is an imaginary universe?


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