The Trial Of Treyvon Martin

What strikes me about the trial of George Zimmerman is that while the murder was clearly and undoubtedly based on “racial profiling”, that phrase was not allowed to be even mentioned during the trial. He sees a black teenager in hoodies, assumes “he’s up to no good” and, with a concealed gun on him, follows and confronts him, without any reason to suspect he was guilty of anything, except for being a young black man in a neighborhood where in Zimmerman’s mind he didn’t belong. And you tell me this wasn’t a case of racial profiling?

With that key aspect of the encounter and confrontation out, the defense was able to argue that there was no ill will or spite or hatred that would explain the shooting; so, it had to be in self-defense. The trial made it look like Treyvon was the aggressor and the attacker and it was a good thing Zimmerman was carrying a gun; otherwise, he might have got killed by Treyvon. The defense repeatedly showed or depicted or made people picture Treyvon on top continuing to beat Zimmerman.

If you follow someone in the dark and continue even after he says to you: “why are you following me”, and consequently, end up in a fist fight and get punched, is it self-defense to take out your gun and kill him? If he was so afraid for his life, he could have run away after the confrontation. He could have kept a distance. Better yet, he wouldn’t pursue him in the first place. The fact is he wasn’t afraid because unlike Treyvon, he had a gun.

And if you end up shooting and killing someone you have no hatred against, you feel remorse. You don’t go on the Shawn Hannity show and brag and say “it was God’s plan”. Only a psychopath with a deranged mind and full of hatred attributes his killing of an innocent teenager to God.

What if it were the other way around? What if a young black man with a gun had followed unarmed Zimmerman and during the altercation that ensued Treyvon shot and killed Zimmerman? Would it take over a month and the protest of thousands of people for the police to arrest and for the District Attorney to file charges against the shooter?

That brings me to my main point: the whole thing about “color blindness” is nothing but a sham and a big lie to deny the existence of racism and in so doing to perpetuate it, rather than fight it and eliminate it. The jury is supposed to disregard the fact and live reality of racism and racial profiling which is already all too easy for non-blacks to do since it’s not they who have to live with it and can’t really relate to it. Ignore racism you ask me? Sure. What racism? I never thought it existed. If you really want to be fair and have justice served, stop the pretense of color blindness and let an all black jury decide whether this was a case of racial profiling or not. They know when it is and when it isn’t. It’s they who experience it and therefore it’s they who know it when they see it.

It’s not enough that the police shoot and kill young black men and too often get away with it. Zimmerman, too, wanted a piece of that action. And we’re supposed to deny racism even exists. How could it? After all, we have a black president.Image


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