Why Do They Hate Us?

“why do they hate us?”, some ask. Why do young men leave their home, travel thousands of miles, and come here to bomb and kill our people? That’s an understandable question and it has, I think, a reasonable answer. They hate because they’re indoctrinated and incited to hate by those who train and arm them and send them overseas to bomb and massacre innocent people. Those who direct these actions don’t call it terrorism, even though it clearly is.

I’m talking, of course, about the people in the Muslim world who can’t understand why Americans go to their countries and bomb and kill their people. They are right to ask why Americans hate them – much more than the Americans are justified to ask that.

In 2005, in Haditha, Iraq, several US marines massacred, execution style, 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians, including 7 children and 3 women. Among the victims was a toddler and a 76 year old man in wheelchair. Their action was not called terrorism and none of them served any jail time.

In 2007, an American Apache helicopter opened fire on a group of 12 Iraqi men, in Bagdad, including two Reuters reporters and killed 8 of them. When the survivors tried to help the wounded into a nearby van, another air strike killed the wounded and two more men. Then, they fired a hellfire missile on the van wounding a child and killing his father who was in the van. Reuters requested the footage under the Freedom of Information Act, but was denied. Then, in 2010, WikiLeaks published the footage, along with the video of a 2009 airstrike in Garani, Afghanistan, by a US B1 bomber, which killed up to 147 civilians (estimates vary from as low as 87), mostly children. These videos, along with other classified information and communication logs were obtained from Pfc. Bradley Manning who was the only one punished in relation to those atrocities, who’s been in military jail for over three years, on charges of espionage and aiding the enemy which carries the death penalty. No US soldier who has ever committed massacre of innocent people – and there have been many – no matter how cold blooded and no matter how monstrous the massacre, has ever been given any serious jail sentence. Only those who reveal atrocities get the death sentence or many years in prison, not those who commit those atrocities.

Last March, it happened again: this time 16 Afghan civilians were taken out of their beds in the middle of the night and executed. 9 of the victims were children. Only one soldier, Robert Bales, has been charged and will face court martial. It remains to be seen if he will face any jail time. After the incident, the US military quickly whisked him out of the country and returned him to the US, over the objections of the Afghan authorities who justifiably wanted to try him where the massacre took place. Wanting to try the killer where he committed the crime is not an Afghan tradition; it’s an internationally accepted practice, including and especially in the US. Would the US allow someone who massacres 24 Americans be taken out of the country? They actually do the opposite: they kidnap and bring to US, men who fight back or are thought to have fought back against American occupiers, and jail them indefinitely, including those who are known to have been kidnapped and imprisoned in error, without any respect or consideration for the sovereignty of the countries they were kidnapped from.

The dissimilarity between treatment of American terrorists and men of other backgrounds by the US does not stop there. Unlike the Tsarnaev brothers who bombed Boston Marathon, Bales was not called a terrorist, he wasn’t spoken as if he represented all Christians, his monstrous atrocity against 24 defenseless and innocent people, most of them children, was not attributed to his religion.to inflame hatred against over a billion people. He was given the chance to be represented by a lawyer from the time of his arrest and had the right to remain silent. He is also afforded excuses like stress, personal problems and depression in the media, and gets to plea insanity – luxuries terrorists who are not trained and armed by US Military are never allowed. The latter, along with their cooks, drivers, aids and innocent bystanders, are blindfolded and flown to Guantanamo Bay where they are water boarded and mistreated and kept in cages, indefinitely.

But, my main point – and my purpose from writing this – is not to answer the “why they hate us” question or to even point out the double standard and discrepancy in the labeling, attitude and treatment of perpetrators of bombings and massacres, depending on who they are. My main point is that there is a reason for such double standard and discrepancy. The disparate treatment serves a specific purpose, just as instilling racial and ethnic prejudice and hatred in soldiers serves a purpose – which of course is to incite them to kill without remorse or hesitation.

Calling bombings and massacres terrorism, regardless of who commits it, or conversely, calling both a criminal act committed by some deranged and crazy fanatics, without making a distinction between the two sides and without generalizations about certain people or religion, would annul and discredit the whole “war on terror”, which all wars of the Empire are now based and justified upon. Such de-categorization wound go against decades of systematic propaganda and brainwashing designed to garner support for their endless wars. Demonization of who are considered to be the enemy – whether it’s based on color, ethnicity or religion – makes people see others as not equal or worthy human beings and helps rally them behind their wars of imperial conquests. Just as soldiers are brainwashed by the military to make them fight better, so are the public by the media to prevent resistance to those wars. The inconsistency and unevenness is therefore purposeful and intentional and helps perpetuate wars, just as racism and racially induced hatred within the society has served to divide the people to better enable the ruling oligarchy to continue the rule of a small minority.

No one hates anyone by nature. What we all suffer from, regardless of our ethnic, religious or racial background, is millennia of conquests and wars and their blowback and consequences. We must all unite and stand in solidarity against the common enemy which is not any particular people, but world imperialism headed by the US.Image


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