Tamarlain Tsarnaev’s Body


Since he died of multiple gunshot wounds in a shoot out with Boston Police, on April 19, Tamarlain Tsarnaev’s family were unable to find a burial site that would take him, after three weeks of searching. They considered flying his body to Chechnya for burial where they’re originally from, but couldn’t afford the cost. They also considered cremating him and taking his ashes to bury there, although that’s against the Islamic customs, but feared the Russian Government wouldn’t allow it. Both brothers accused of the bombings were born in the US and are US citizens.

According to New York’s Daily News, Peter Stefan, of the Graham, Putney & Mahoney Funeral Parlors, contacted cemeteries in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey to find a cometary that would take him, to no avail.

Unlike two years ago, when the US Military dumped Osama Bin Laden’s body into the sea “as a respect to Islamic tradition that requires burial within 48 hours of death”, Tsarnaev’s body remained in police custody and there were no complaints in the Muslim world why it wasn’t buried or dropped into some sea within 48 hours.

After Worcester Police Chief Gary Gemme publicly appealed for someone to take the body off their hands, Martha Mullen, a professional counselor from Richmond, Va., answered the call and helped make arrangements with Bilal Yasin El-Amin of The Islamic Funeral Services of Virginia which finally arranged the burial at the Islamic Center of Virginia and laid the body to rest, yesterday.

News organizations didn’t wonder why no one wanted the body to be buried in a cometary in their neighborhood. That was understood. They wondered why someone did finally step forward to help. They asked El-Amin to explain why his Islamic group helped make it possible. He referred to the group’s public statement on the matter, which reads: “We strongly disagree with his violent actions. But that does not release us from our obligation to return his body to the earth.” And, of course, they had to stress that they disagreed with his actions; otherwise, people might think arranging for his burial meant they agreed with him. An Islamic group helping bury the body of a Muslim terrorist: that’s asking for trouble. Mullen was asked that same question and she told the Associated Press: “Basically, because Jesus says love your enemies.” Thank God for Jesus for having taught that, which after three weeks, someone heeded that advice; otherwise, the corpse of a 26 year old would stay unburied in a “civilized” society in the 21st Century!

Tsarnaev’s widow, Katherine Russell, who was questioned by the police after her husband was killed, made sure she was completely disassociated from him by waiving her right to choose the spot. That freed her from further questioning, I suppose, which could be: “why did you choose a spot? Does that mean you supported what he did?”

Imam Ammar Amonette of the Islamic Center of Virginia where the body was finally buried tried to absolve his group, too. He said he had no idea Tsarnaev was being buried there and that they’re “furious” about it.

Their son, as misguided and brainwashed as he might have been and as horrible and monstrous his deed was, was still their son, who died a violent and painful death. Shouldn’t the parents be able to at least weep over their lost son’s body and bury him? Isn’t losing a son and having another in hospital awaiting execution hard enough for parents? Where is the compassion? And, this is a nation of mostly Christian people. That’s right. We’re not talking about barbaric, vindictive, uncivilized Muslims.

But, you know, the parents of other young, clean cut and good looking guys who have their entire future in front of them and choose to bomb public places and kill innocent people don’t have that problem. Their sons drop the bombs by making a few clicks of a joystick that control a drone, thousands of miles away from the bombing site. Those parents don’t have to disassociate themselves from their children and don’t have to look for a cometary that would agree to bury them.



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