Kidnappings In Cleveland

The news of kidnapping and imprisoning for over ten years three young women by a disgusting Ariel Castro (this scum is on Facebook) is absolutely sickening and maddening. But, what strikes me is that this low life predator also has a record of domestic violence against his ex wife who in 2005 got a protective order against him for breaking her nose, ribs and tooth and dislocating her shoulder, and according to her lawyer quoted by USA Today, frequently abducted his daughters whom he had no custody over and kept them from their mother. He challenged the protective order and when his wife’s attorney was unable to appear at a hearing, the judge dissolved the order in 2005. He had three young girls imprisoned in his house while brutalizing his ex wife and abducting his daughters!

I know protesters that have had more legal problems than he has, so far. There are people in jail for petty theft and possession of marijuana. So why is such a criminal left free to continue to enslave and abuse three young women in his house, for over ten years? He is the one who should be in prison for life with food forced down his nose, not men who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, kidnapped from their own countries by US military and flown to Guantanamo in shackles.

You can tell a lot about a society where wars and bombings and torturing innocent men get higher priority and resources than prevention of violence against women and punishing those who victimize them, including in – and especially in – the US military where prevails a culture of disinterest in and turning a blind eye on sexual attacks on women. A new Pentagon study found that just in 2012, there were 26,000 sexual attacks on women in US military. That’s over 70 sexual attacks on women soldiers by their male counterparts a day, an increase of 37% since 2010!

There are reports that perpetrators of these attacks that too often include violent rape are often transferred instead of being punished and even those who in rare cases are reprimanded do not spend a single day in jail. In fact, often, the victims are demonized, shamed, interrogated and questioned and told to forget and move on than the perpetrators are held to account. Say what you will, but, such outrageous number of cases do not happen without a corrupt culture from the very too on down.

And you still don’t think we need to turn the government on its freaking head and whip its ass?Image


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