Clarence Thomas On Obama

During an interview last month at Duquesne Law School in Pittsburgh, Pa.,Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said that Obama had only been elected because he won over “the elites and the media” and went on to suggest that’s what black people must do in order to advance. If a black person was to be elected president, he said, he would have to be “approved by the elites and the media, because anybody they didn’t agree with, they would take apart”. “Any black person who says something that is not the prescribed things that they expect from a black person will be picked apart.”

What’s interesting in his remarks and I want the reader to take away is not so much what he thinks about Obama but what he thinks of himself and how he himself was able to advance: don’t say anything that the “elites” don’t want to hear. And he’s right – about Obama, about himself as well as other black individuals who were given high positions such as Condoleezza Rice and General Colon Powell. Obama knew what to say during his speech to Democratic National Convention in 2004 when he said: “we are all Americans” and that we are one big happy family. What elite would like people to be told that there are two very different Americas?

Clarence Thomas verbalized what all these black individuals, including himself, had to do – and knowingly so – to get ahead. What he’s saying is that he, as well as, Obama and others who advance, do so by learning what the white elites (or masters) expect of them and doing just that. The principle is to not have any principles of your own and just identify your slave owner’s, adopt them as your own and follow those the best you can, if you want to get ahead.

The opposite is also true: adopt principles of your people, bravely stand up to the wealthy elites and speak up against the usurpers and exploiters and suffer the fate of Malcolm X and Dr. King. Clarence Thomas is smarter than that and so is Obama.Image


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