Obama Makes Jokes

When Bush was in the White House, many were convinced they had seen the worst president, ever. They thought there was no way they could get someone worse. Obama proved them wrong. 

This may not be that significant or noteworthy. After all, by now, many people realize that the US government is serving giant multinational corporations and the super wealthy who decide the outcome of elections and buy out the politicians and cares not for the voiceless. What is significant and noteworthy is that Obama was supposed to be the lesser of two evils at worst and agent of change at best, after decades of worsening living conditions for millions of Americans, widening gap between haves and have nots, endless wars and curbing people’s civil liberties. 

Under Obama presidency, living conditions of working people continued to slide; income and wealth gap increased further, wars persisted and drone attacks resulting in the death of many innocent people, including children, rose significantly; attacks on civil rights accelerated; cuts were made in social and public spending, including those affecting the most vulnerable; poverty and hunger continued its rise; Guantanamo Bay prison remained open with 86 people cleared for release and declared innocent still kept incarcerated and force fed to break their hunger strike; government oversight of corporations is at record low with Monsanto and other corporations getting a free pass to do as they please; attacks on food and environmental safety and integrity go on unabated; and things continue to get worse, on just about all levels. 
The president doesn’t even mention the record hunger which has risen from 14% in 2009 when he took office to 20%. He doesn’t give a speech on how the austerity is affecting millions of kids and elderly, not even in humor, as he likes to do. In fact, he seems happy and not least bothered by the continued economic crisis for millions of his countrymen, and certainly not for worsening conditions of African Americans 90% of whom voted for him. Not a word.

Is there not a lesson for us the people at the eve of this May Day, when one “worst” president is succeeded by another “worst”?

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