Syria And Obama’s Red Line

Israel’s top military analyst Brigadier-General Itai Brun claimed Syria has used chemical weapons and for proof he pointed to the fact that two Syrians had a headache which went away only after they took Tylenol, one had a bad cough and another suffered from a bad case of indigestion. Okay, I was joking about him offering any proof. But, not to worry; Secretary of W&A (War and Aggression), Chuck Hagel, assured us that that was the case. He said: U.S. intelligence has concluded “with some degree of varying confidence” that the Syrian government has twice used chemical weapons “on a small scale”. That was enough proof for Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham to announce that Syria had “crossed the red line”, implying that it’s time for military action.

And, I, have reason to believe, “with some degree of varying confidence” that both these senators are the product of breeding between a pig and an orangutan (my apologies to these wonderful and lovely animals for comparing them to those assholes). And with much more certainty and confidence, I’m convinced they’re warmongering lunatics who get excited of the thought of yet another US war in Middle East. McCain wasn’t satisfied with the war on Libya. He kept complaining that the US didn’t take a more prominent and leading role in it, even though they did bomb population centers extensively and non-stop, for weeks, and ran thousands of sorties dropping all kinds of bombs, killing thousands, and in the end, it was the US which bombed Gaddafi’s convoy leading to his capture, torture and brutal killing in the hands of pro-US thugs. I don’t know what would have satisfied McCain. Maybe he wanted to see all Libyans dead.

But, don’t think that Obama is any less of a warmonger. The difference between him and the grumpy old McCain is, aside from the grumpy old part, that he’s in the White House and has to consult with the Empire’s generals, intelligence analysts and strategists, taking into account risk and cost analysis within the framework of Empire’s global and long term goals and plans.

After failing to convince the UN to give them the green light to intervene militarily, they opted to wait and weigh other options. They tossed around the idea of Israel going in, supposedly to get hold of the country’s chemical weapons, but that was deemed too risky, politically. Then, they tried to get Turkey involved militarily. The Turkish government had an incentive to. Their military loved an opportunity to go after Syria’s Kurds. And they did go as far as flying US provided F-16’s over Syria and their troops even crossed the border and went into the country, but, faced with a strong anti-war sentiment at home, they quickly pulled back.

Now, taking a page from the Iraq war, the Obama Administration wants to send in UN inspectors to investigate the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. The reason this time the Russians and Chinese are harder to convince to cooperate is because they’ve seen this movie before and know how it goes. They know the actors, the director and the storyline. They remember how the inspections of the Iraqi sites for WMD’s were used for pre-war intelligence gathering and at the same time as pretext for attack in the name of regime’s non-cooperation with all the terms of the inspection program.

Russia, China and others who have been calling for dialog and negotiations between the two sides in the civil war which the Administration and Pentagon have dismissed, are reluctant to give their green light to another US war of conquest. They have reason to be weary, as the Empire keeps encroaching and surrounding them with their military bases, complete with troops, missiles, warships and heavy weaponry. They know that the last thing US policy makers care about is the Syrian or Iraqi or Afghan or Libyan or Iranian or any other people. They know that their focus is world domination and don’t want to make it easy for them to achieve it. This, of course, you will never hear from CNN or any other major US news organization.


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