Bill Maher Blames Islam For The Boston Bombings


Bill Maher once again demonstrated his Islamophobia, ignorance and idiocy in his weekly HBO show, Real Time. When interviewing Brian Levin of California State University at San Bernardino who specializes in domestic and international terrorism about the Boston Marathon bombing, he kept insisting that Islam was different from other religions in that only it encourages violence and terrorism. When Mr. Levin tried to explain that his assertion makes no sense since only very few of the 1.4 billion Muslims resort to terrorism and that there are also many non-Muslim terrorists, he rejected the professor’s disagreement as “liberal bullshit”. Unfortunately, Mr. Maher’s contention, which is the same as the idiots’ at Fox News, is all too common in this country, and as is the case with him, even among some liberals.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News complained that Muslims are staying quiet about the Boston bombing, even though many have indeed condemned it. But, he’s right: not all Muslims have – probably well over a billion of them have yet to do so. And, Mr. Maher and O’Reilly are demanding it from ALL Muslims of the world, just as they demanded the same of all Christians of the world every time there was a bombing or massacre by a Christian. And Bill Maher did claim that the violence perpetrated by Christian bombers and killers has its source in their religion, that Christianity encourages terrorism and killing of innocent people, and when someone tried to tell him that Christianity is not to blame for those acts, he yelled “that’s liberal bullshit”.

Let’s be clear on one thing: blaming such criminal and atrocious acts as the bombing of Boston Marathon on Islam is for the purpose of and tantamount to blaming ALL MUSLIMS who – surprise, surprise – believe in that very religion. By singling out their religion and making it the culprit, they’re really blaming ALL MUSLIMS, thus spreading hatred and prejudice against all those people. Blaming a terrorist act on how he says his prayers or whether he does it in a church or mosque or whether he prays to God or to Allah, is no different than blaming a crime on one’s race or skin color, and of course, that’s never been done in this county. No, no, never!

Now, whether Mr. head-in-the-ass Maher means it or not, he’s joined the propagandists of Fox News to pave the way for more wars against Muslim countries, the next in line being Iran. Get it?



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