Anti-Muslim Hysteria

Every time there is some bombing attack and before it’s even known who did it, speculation and talk of Muslim terrorists who are trying to get us and kill us all fills the air. But, the fact of the matter is there have been far more bombings, shootings, massacres and targeted attacks with guns, pipe and other bombs, anthrax, etc., by white non-Muslims, including many by overzealous cops themselves than by Muslim terrorists. This is common to all prejudices and stereotyping: they’re not based on objective facts and are blown out of proportion to the level of panic and phobia which plays in the hands of racists and bigots with hidden agenda, as well as politicians who try to take advantage of such fear to push their policies of war, reaction and plunder.

When some Muslims commit an attack, discussion often revolves around their religion and how vile and violent it is and demands are put on Muslims to condemn the attack and terrorism in general and proclaim their allegiance to the country. Yet, when a white person commits such act, no one talks about Christianity as the source of their violence, and Christian politicians and public officials are not asked to distance themselves from the attack or attackers or to prove their loyalty to the nation.

There are white militia members, most of them racist and just about all Christians, in the hundreds and even thousands, who are stockpiling large and small weapons, practicing military operations, including shooting, and are even talking about confronting the US government, which in their eyes is too soft on blacks, Hispanics and other minorities. Can you imagine if there were such Muslim militia members in military fatigue talking about overthrowing the government to set up a Muslim fundamentalist government the way many white militia groups want a Christian fundamentalist government? Can you imagine the outcry and hysteria that that would engender?

There is reason why acts of terror by Muslim individuals are attributed to their religion rather than to specific individuals regardless of their religion or race or ethnicity. Generalizing and attributing such acts to a specific group of people serves to divide people along any number of arbitrary lines, whether it be religion, race, gender, etc., and serves to make part of the population the scapegoat for societal problems, pitting people against people and distracting them from the real issues, problems and the real source of societal ills, especially economic ones.

Knowledge is power and a defense against deception, division and prejudice.


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