US “War Games” In Korea Peninsula

US bombers
There is an incredible amount of lies and disinformation being spewed out about North Korea in Western, including supposedly liberal, media. The words of Malcolm X never sounded more true: newspapers can make a friend seem like an enemy and an enemy a friend. The enemy is not North Korea or Iran or Cuba or Venezuela; the enemy is the gang of criminal and murderous Mafia thugs and terrorists occupying Washington.

Not even the supposedly progressives in the US are asking what gives Washington the God damned right to play “war games” (their words) with their South Korean client state every year by flying B-2 and B-52 nuclear capable bombers over the Peninsula? And who exactly are these “war games” directed at, if not the North? And what exactly is the intent of these provocative games and show of force, including nuclear bombers?

Many Americans may not know this, but, North Koreans have not forgotten that it was the US which caused the dividing up of the country into North and South, as a line of demarcation against the Soviet Union which was then followed by the Korean War of 1950-53, in which the US killed a third of the North’s population, through numerous and indiscriminate carpet bombing raids and dropping of cluster bombs that burned people alive, over every inch of North Korea, only five years after dropping two nuclear bombs over Japan. Many also don’t know – since history is written by the victor, as the saying goes, or rather by Mafia thugs, in this case – that the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 was not decided on military, but political grounds, to ensure Japan surrendered and stayed within the sphere of US control. The Korean and later the Viet Nam War was the continuation of that hegemonic thinking that has guided Washington policies to this day. It works through bombings, wars, occupation, bullying, threats, coups, intimidation and acts of terror to expand their dominance over the world and dictate their agenda in order to loot the world resources.

And many also don’t know that the Armistice of 1953 was only a temporary ceasefire until the signing of an official peace treaty, and that since then, repeated requests by the North for its signing have been rejected by Washington, which effectively keeps the door open for them to resume their bombardment at any time, or at least keep the threat of their renewed bombing. Flying of their nuclear capable B-52 bombers is part and parcel of that threatening and bullying regime.

Against such a backdrop, what are the North Koreans to think of US “war games”? Why is it necessary to conduct them? Has the North threatened to invade the South? No. So what’s the purpose of the “war games” by a superpower that has already decimated a third of their population, a country that has dropped the only atomic bombs in the world, a country that’s already mired into a few wars elsewhere and is threatening a new one against Iran? Aren’t all these wars enough, so they have to engage in God damn “war games” too and refuse to sign a peace treaty with the North. And they say North Korea is a threat!


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